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CIO Briefing

China's first aircraft carrier won't carry aircraft yet

The carrier has been in sea trials since last August, and in the near future will be used mostly for research and training.


Video: The arrest of the face of Anonymous will of course be televised

Anonymous member Barrett Brown's arrest Wednesday night was recorded by his own computer.


GoDaddy says outage was no hack

This is the first time GoDaddy has given any information at all about what happened


One person is claiming credit for GoDaddy's massive outage

The site's DNS servers had been disabled as a result of this large-scale hack.


Reuters blogs hacked for the second time this month

The hackers posted another false story from the Middle East.

CIO Briefing

The Navy's quixotic quest to bury an unclassified laser leak

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is targeting Wired's Danger Room blog.

CIO Briefing

Report: Russia stopped Syria from gassing rebels

Bashar al-Assad's regime came close to using chemical weapons two weeks ago.

Emerging Tech

Video: SpaceX has docked: 'Looks like we caught a dragon by the tail'

The company's Dragon capsule has officially docked at the International Space Station.


Washington Post helps us keep track of White House visitors

The newspaper has created a searchable database of the White House's visitor logs.


CIA Website Allegedly Hacked