What’s So Secret About the Price of Dell and HP PCs?


Army intel deal for 6,535 PCs blacks out price.

The Army Intelligence and Security Command posted a justification and approval notice on FedBizOps last Thursday that it had to buy a whole bunch of Dell and HP PCs or laptops as “hardware requirements and compatibility issues with installation and operational needs require and justify the use of brand name products.”

The J&A document then lists the number and types of PCs, but blacks out the price. I realize INSCOM deals with a lot of shhhhh kind of stuff, but I don’t think the price of Dell and HP PCs or laptops is a military secret.

I did a Web price search for all the models covered in this order for 6,535 boxes, averaged that out to $800 a box and came up with a total price of $5.2 million – in some circles, real money. Why hide this?

(Image via Hadrian/Shutterstock.com)