A New One-Stop Shop for eHealth

Sergey Peterman/Shutterstock.com

The eHealth University links to training, webinars and help desks for numerous Medicare requirements.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services today launched a one-stop website to help health care providers navigate an array of new requirements and services, a CMS official said on Monday.

The eHealth University page offers providers information on a variety of requirements including updating codes for medical diagnoses and procedures, using electronic health records and ensuring the security of patient information, said Robert Tagalicod, director of e-health standards and services.

The page also links to numerous guidance documents, webinars and help desks for various programs.

Unlike some government one stops, the site does not contain all information internally but mostly links out to verified information and services in specific CMS offices, Tagalicod said, so administrators can be sure the information they’re giving providers is up to date and channeled through offices with the proper expertise. 

(Image via Sergey Peterman/Shutterstock.com)