Defense CIO Takai Still on the Job

Acting Army CIO Krieger also not furloughed.

Defense Department Chief Information Officer Teresa Takai remains on the job, having been “excepted” from civilian furloughs, a Pentagon spokesman said.

Defense Comptroller Robert Hale said on Sunday that CIOs were not covered by the Pay Our Military Act signed by President Obama on Sept. 30. An expansive interpretation of the law allowed the Pentagon to recall 90 percent of the 350,000 civilian employees who were initially furloughed when the government shut down on Oct. 1.

Air Force. Lt. Col Damien Pickart on Monday said, “The comptroller's guidance applies to all CIOs and their staffs across the Department of Defense.”

On Tuesday, Pickart clarified that statement, saying Takai was not furloughed. In addition, he said, “a limited number of CIO staff were recalled to the Pentagon to perform duties consistent with those outlined in the POMA guidance. The majority of DoD CIO personnel remain at home on furlough status.”

An Army spokeswoman said acting CIO Mike Krieger has stayed on the job throughout the shutdown, but staffers in the Army CIO policy and research directorate are still furloughed.