This Search Engine Can Help You Browse The Web With Privacy

Chatchaphong Mathong/

It's a big duck pond out there, stay safe while you swim.

The internet can be a scary place. And it can be made scarier by knowing that the websites you likely frequent are tracking every single thing you do.

Enter DuckDuckGo. It's an alternative search engine focused on privacy that was even banned in China in 2014. But it's now upgrading its extensions and apps to offer even more privacy to users.

The search engine now boasts a built-in tracker blocker to stop ad networks from following you and collecting tons of data as you browse the internet. The extension will also list all of those networks that it has blocked, including those from Google and Facebook, in an effort to keep users informed of what's actually going on online when they search.

DuckDuckGo will also give each site that users visit a privacy rating.That rating will increase after the browser blocks any tracks. So don't be surprised if you see a 'D' turn into a 'B.'

You wont see many 'A' grades, however. "That's because hardly any website out there truly prioritizes your privacy," said DuckDuckGo in a blog post.

To further boost your privacy, the search engine will ensure you've loaded the encrypted version of a website whenever possible.

If you're interested in these services, you can download the upgraded DuckDuckGo extension for Firefox, Safari and Chrome. It's also available for smartphones, both iOS and Android.