Google Maps Street View Gets an Upgrade

Irina Palei/

They're mapping the entire world. Again.

From dense city centers to remote islands, Google has made an attempt to map the entire world at the street level. Now, the tech giant is improving those street views and it will be sending a new fleet of Google Street View cameras out into the world.

The updated cameras have been streamlined, but come equipped with 20 megapixels behind each lens to provide sharper, more accurate images. A special HD camera is designed to specifically focus on business names and street signs and laser radars in the front of and back of the camera help with positioning.

All the data gathered by the cameras will then analyzed by Google's AI, which will then decide which parts of the image require the most attention, all to create more accurate directions for those navigating the world.

Google is also looking for help from citizens. Anyone with a 360 degree camera (which have become relatively cheap) can contribute street view images to Google Maps, via the Street View app.

To learn more, check out the video below from Wired