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Emerging Tech

15 Technologies NASA Is Funding to Make Science Fiction a Reality

Each year, the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program awards funding to a set of research projects on the bleeding edge of technology.

Emerging Tech

NASA Is Working on Super-Fast Spaceship Technology That Defies the Laws of Physics

The propulsion system, known as the EmDrive, was conceived around the turn of the millennium by a British engineer named Roger Shawyer.

Emerging Tech

NASA Scientists Say We'll Find Alien Life in Space in the Next 20 Years

Some of NASA’s top minds believe we’re not alone in the universe. And they think we’ll find out for sure soon.

Emerging Tech

British Police Are Going Robocop

British bobbies may soon be ditching caps and tunics for a striking new digital look that includes a robotic exoskeleton and Google Glass.

Emerging Tech

This Spacecraft is About to Make the First Visit to Pluto

Launched on a mission to Pluto in January 2006, New Horizons went into sleep mode for much of its eight-year journey out to the edge of our solar system.

Emerging Tech

Facebook Wants to Launch ‘At Work’ Version

The site will offer a suite of features for workers, including document collaboration, messaging and chat, and of course, networking.


Your Smartphone Can Detect Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays. Here’s Why That Matters

When your smartphone detects a cosmic ray, it can share data with the researchers, allowing them to study the rays in more detail than ever before.

Digital Government

Secret Docs: US Argued Yahoo Couldn't Defend Users' Privacy

The documents offer insight into the legal maneuvers the US government has used to argue against any challenges to its right to surveil.

Digital Government

Two Explosive Reminders That the US and China Are in a Hypersonic Arms Race

The test of a rocket-powered glider called the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon failed when US Army engineers ordered it to self-destruct after its launch went wrong.

Emerging Tech

People Like Being Bossed Around By Robots, Study Finds

Computers can figure out a near-optimal plan for allocating tasks among workers and robots in seconds.


This Emerging Malware Sends Secret Messages and Is Practically Impossible to Detect

As if computer malware that steals your data weren’t enough, now there’s a new kind to worry about.


iPhones Have a Major Security Hole That Apple Installed on Purpose

If you use an iPhone or iPad, your photos, web history, and GPS logs are vulnerable to theft and surveillance via back-door protocols running on all iOS devices.

Digital Government

Last Wave of Net Neutrality Comments has Crashed the FCC’s Site Again

The proposal at issue would allow internet providers to charge content companies for more direct connections to their customers.