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Wilson P. Dizard III


DHS undersecretary Foresman resigns

The undersecretary for preparedness will leave in the coming weeks, according to a statement from DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff.


Washington state to test drive border-friendly driver's license

DHS is working with the state government on a pilot program under which Real ID-based licenses could serve as proof of citizenship at border crossings.


ODNI, DOD agree on security certification processes

2 agencies will implement 7 new policies.


Acquisition office emerges from DNI reorg

Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell is establishing a deputy director for acquisition in a bid to speed technology development and foster more reliable systems.


DOD, Intell teams go to work on certification, accreditation

Dale Meyerrose also says that the intelligence community and the Pentagon plan to eliminate more than 700 cross-domain information-sharing systems.


Chertoff gives CIO the power of the purse

Scott Charbo will gain broad control of IT spending in DHS directorates.


Chertoff gives DHS CIO more power

The department's CIO will have approval power over the budgets of other CIOs within the department, authority over the hiring and pay levels of CIOs and approval power over other CIOs’ IT investment projects.


New group to coordinate homeland security intelligence

The group's analysts will not generate alerts or warnings, but will provide strategic assessments of threats and disseminate them through established routes.


First Source contracts hit the street

DHS selects eleven small businesses to provide commodity IT products through the program, which could be worth $3 billion over five years.