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Wade-Hahn Chan


Feds promise states $1 billion

Money could start to flow to localities for interoperable communications.


Lawmakers demand answers about DHS cybersecurity breaches

Reps. Bennie Thompson and Jim Langevin sent a letter to DHS' CIO and CISO asking about specific events.


TSA's nonstandard acquisition system draws questions

Lawmakers are proposing legislation that would increase transparency in the agency's acquisition process.


Learning could be fun and games at TSA

The agency is looking for a game that would help train 40,000 luggage and cargo screeners.


States could get Real ID money

DHS sends plan to Hill to reinvigorate flow of grant funding to establish the program.


A 21st-century head count

The Census Bureau prepares to conduct a decennial census like no other it has performed in its 220-year history.


DHS delivers US-VISIT plan

Program’s director says an exit system will be in place by December 2008.


Unearned award fees persist

Lawmakers continue to criticize the practice of giving bonuses to contractors who produce unsatisfactory results.


DHS releases Real ID implementation plan

The plan includes a staffing configuration for the Real ID Program Office and goals to focus on in the next year.


Fervor over formats cools for now

Massachusetts says yes to at least two nonproprietary document formats.


Senate panel quizzes NOAA on satellite programs

Cost estimates have ballooned for two weather satellite programs, yet NOAA awarded the contractor a $123 million bonus, lawmakers learn.


IG: Energy contractors mismanaging IT acquisitions

Contractors failed to oversee sensitive computer hardware because of inconsistent policies, the inspector general said.


Mocny sets 2008 deadline for biometric exit program

But government officials are not convinced DHS has a plan for meeting that goal.

Digital Government

Funding for environmental agencies faces veto

The Bush administration opposes a $22 billion fiscal 2008 budget increase for EPA, USDA and DOI because it says it includes an irresponsible and excessive level of spending.


Lawmakers grill DHS’ CIO

Homeland Security Department’s Charbo promises that better security is on its way.


Lawmakers grill Charbo on DHS cybersecurity breaches

Members of a House subcommittee accused DHS' CIO of not taking his job seriously and the agency of failing to set an example of good information technology security.


Industry: ‘Why don’t feds get it?’

Experts say the government is not using performance-based contracting correctly.


Coast Guard searches for handheld card readers for TWIC

It wants a single service provider to deliver a card reader that can handle TWIC's three-factor authentication and withstand sea conditions.


GAO finding bolsters Defense's GovWorks retreat

The Government Accountability Office concurred that Interior's GovWorks assisted-acquisition service center violated procurement rules.


Lawmakers want to recharge FISMA

OMB seeks more guidelines from NIST to help federal info security evolve.