Panel wants IT security reports from NASA

The House's version 2008 NASA authorization bill calls for two reports detailing the space agency’s security controls and IT vulnerabilities.


DOE to help centers collect data

The Energy Department will release new software to help data centers collect energy efficiency information.


EPA needs data center energy data

Officials of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program want to define energy use measurements for data centers, but they need more information.

Digital Government

Estimate shrinks for Census' handheld contract

An independent evaluation found the estimated cost of the Census Bureau's contract with Harris may be hundreds of millions less than previously estimated.


HP/EDS merger could simplify contracting

Hewlett-Packard’s planned purchase of Electronic Data Systems for $13.5 billion will likely help better position HP as a performance-based services provider.


NASA CIO doubles as teacher, coach

Jonathan Pettus seeks to bring NASA’s centers together with a single focus.

Digital Government

Coalition to fight cyberterrorism

Governments and information technology companies are combining forces to fight cybercriminals.


DHS, HHS earn kudos for transparency

A university study finds the two large agencies have made their goals more outcome-oriented and transparent.


DHS procurement shortages hinder performance contracts

The House Homeland Security Committee's chairman said DHS’ lack of experienced procurement staff members is creating cost overruns and poor outcomes in performance-based contracts.

Digital Government

Money seen as problem for clearance process

The designers of the updated security clearance process say many obstacles await the new system’s implementation, including uncertain funding.


Practice sessions spur COOP programs

State government leaders found that taking training with elements of surprise helps agencies and legislatures think about emergency planning.


DHS delays TWIC deadline

The department has moved back the compliance date by seven months as demand increases for the maritime workers’ secure credential.


Court reverses error on injunction review

A federal appeals court might still review an injunction that shielded employees at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) from the background investigations required under HSPD-12.


Technology changes states' financial models

Members of a panel of experts say yearly appropriations models can't keep pace with the fast pace of technology innovation.


CIO: Young workers create new headaches

Molly O’Neill says the social media can bridge the gap between young and old feds.

Digital Government

National Labs develop improved searches

Employees at the Los Alamos laboratory develop a knowledge management tool to better find and sort information.


Transportation secretary launches blog

Mary Peters becomes fourth agency head to start an online journal.


DOD, DHS find voice in blogs

Government seeks new ways to get messages out to the public.


Census blamed for scope creep

Bureau could have avoided abandoning paperless survey, contract experts say.


CTO: make a business case for Web 2.0

DOT Chief Technology Officer Tim Schmidt said government supporters of Web 2.0 must emphasize collaboration and low cost.