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Steve Mollman

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Asia Correspondent for Quartz.
Artificial Intelligence

'We Do Not Have Long to Act': Elon Musk and Others Warn the U.N. About Autonomous Weapons

The prospect of tanks, machine guns and drones that think for themselves becoming widespread is giving tech luminaries the heebie-jeebies.

Emerging Tech

Security Fears Over Chinese Involvement Are Prompting Australia to Halt an Undersea Cable Project

Huawei, a smartphone and telecommunications equipment maker based in Shenzhen, was supposed to lay the Internet cable.

Digital Government

Tokyo Police Use Nets to Capture Rogue Drones

The idea of catching drones this way isn’t new, and Tokyo’s police chose the method after reviewing various anti-drone efforts underway in other nations.

Artificial Intelligence

MIT Researchers Develop Device That Can Identify People Through Walls

Paranoid about technology chipping away at our privacy? You might want to skip this article.

Digital Government

US Navy Revives Ancient Navigation as Cyber Threats Grow

Satellites and GPS are vulnerable to cyberattack. The tools of yesteryear are not.

Digital Government

Join a Drone Over the Indonesian Fires Smoking Out an Entire Region

A strong El Niño climate phenomenon has created particularly dry conditions and led to fast-spreading fires, all captured by drones and satellites.