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Sebastian Sprenger


Pentagon tests IT portfolio approach

DOD hopes that bundling similar programs could lead to better project management.


DARPA seeks innovations in network monitoring

The agency’s Strategic Technology Office has created the Scalable Network Monitoring program to develop new approaches to network monitoring that can be applied regardless of a network’s size.


DOD creates new counterterrorism panel

The Combating Terrorism Coordination Council's task is to integrate some DOD initiatives that so far have operated independently of one another.


GAO: Army lacks plans for asset visibility

The congressional agency found the Army has no enterprise architecture or concept of operations for its plan to invest $5 billion in systems to improve the visibility of its assets.


DOD mandates data encryption for mobile devices

According to a policy signed July 3 by CIO John Grimes, all unclassified data not approved for public release must be encrypted.


DOD rethinks wartime acquisition

Plans for a new contingency contracting office reflect a shift toward better oversight.


More troubles for NSPS

Cost estimates increase for the Defense Department's NSPS civilian personnel system.


The hidden killers

DOD's efforts to counter roadside bombs are complicated by the fact that insurgents use the same communications infrastructure as the rest of the Iraqi population.


DOD eyes new wartime acquisition shop

It would manage the military's acquisition of goods and services during and after war operations.


House committee approves $459.6B for Defense

The Appropriations Committee's bill would cut $406 million from DOD's Future Combat Systems request and would tighten oversight of contractors.


Army urges service growth

Recruiting enough people to field more combat teams could prove difficult.


DOD takes aim at jihadist Web sites

The number of such sites is now estimated to be in the thousands.


DOD, DNI move toward Web-based info sharing

The organizations' CIOs signed an agreement to create an environment through which Pentagon and intelligence officials can access secure services.


Official: DOD HR system on track for late 2008

DOD officials decided to move forward with the system based on Business Transformation Agency Director David Fisher's assessment of it.


DARPA wants better decision-making on battlefield

Its Deep Green project will use IT to build a battle command decision support system, according to a solicitation on DARPA's Web site.


Army leaders weigh quickened growth rate

The Army could have a difficult time recruiting enough people to meet a compressed growth schedule, one military official said.


DOD seeks ways to fight online propaganda war

Militant Islamic groups turn to the Web to cheaply and anonymously spread anti-American rhetoric.


DISA plans new Encore II award

Officials said they are re-evaluating proposals and hope to award the $12 billion contract in mid-December.


NGA eyes digital content-delivery system

The agency wants to create a Web portal through which analysts and warfighters can request maps and other intelligence tools.


NSA, DHS name top info assurance schools

Twelve more universities have been designated as centers of academic excellence.