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Russell Berman

Russell Berman is a senior associate editor at The Atlantic, where he covers political news. He was previously a congressional reporter for The Hill and a Washington correspondent for The New York Sun.

The Senate Votes for More Stalemate

The defeat of two proposals to reopen the government sent the same sobering message: Congressional lawmakers and President Trump aren’t prepared to end the shutdown.

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Why Federal Workers Still Have to Show Up Even If They’re Not Being Paid

The law prohibits public employees from striking, forcing them into what one union leader called “involuntary servitude’” during the government shutdown.

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FBI Investigates More Emails Related to Clinton

Director James Comey tells lawmakers the bureau has uncovered more emails and is reviewing them “to determine if they contain classified information.”


The ‘Dark Web’ Isn’t Going Anywhere

The government may have won its case against Silk Road's Ross Ulbricht, but the hidden sites are getting bigger—and smarter.

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Beware Stricter Drone Laws

After a White House scare, could tougher regulations threaten Amazon's delivery dreams?

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The Hacking of Central Command

Individuals claiming to represent ISIS took over social media accounts of the U.S. military base on Monday, just as the President was delivering a speech on cybersecurity.

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Relaunched Can Handle Twice as Much Traffic as Last Year

The White House is hoping the people turned off by the website's disastrous debut will come back for its second try.

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