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Rob Pegoraro

Digital Government

Tech Companies Are Quietly Phasing Out a Major Privacy Safeguard

More and more companies are failing to issue transparency reports to tell consumers how much of their information governments have demanded.

Digital Government

The Problem With America's New National Broadband Map

This long-awaited map looks like a precise picture of connectivity in America. Many people will find it doesn’t match what’s happening in their homes.


The Trump Administration’s IT Challenge: Do More with Less

Agencies won’t see big bumps in funding in 2018, but with strategic sourcing and shared services, they can get the most out of every dollar.


IT Modernization Under Trump: Clear Goals, but Funding Worries Linger

With a new administration in the White House, IT leaders are curious about the mechanics of modernization.


A Chatbot Is Here to Help

Your next interaction with the federal government may be via a chatbot.


Road Testing the Newest Wave in Taxi Hailing Apps

Hailing a cab has until recently involved either a phone call or a raised hand.