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Peter W. Singer

Strategist, New America

Peter W. Singer
P.W. Singer is Strategist at New America and the author of multiple books on technology and security, including Wired for War, Ghost Fleet, Burn-In, and LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media.
Emerging Tech

China May Have Just Taken the Lead in the Quantum Computing Race

China’s record-shattering processor is 1 million times faster than what Google achieved three years ago–but we are years from the finish line.


Cybersecurity’s Human Side: How Can We Solve Our People Problem?

First, stop undermining our own efforts to fill crucial jobs. Second, cast a wide net for useful lessons.

Digital Government

Baby steps: The drone industry's code of conduct skips over key questions

A trade group's set of best practices is a start, but unmanned vehicles -- like the car and airplane before them -- will require revising old laws.