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Nate Ashton

Managing director for public policy, Dcode

Nate Ashton is managing director for public policy at Dcode, a Washington, D.C.-based consultancy and training company. He is also interim executive director of The Alliance for Commercial Technology in Government, where he focuses on policy reforms to improve government’s use of emerging technologies. He previously led Dcode’s tech sector engagement and accelerator programs, connecting emerging technologies, the U.S. government, and industry stakeholders across areas including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, space tech, and more. Previously as the Associate Director for National Security and Foreign Policy in the White House Presidential Personnel Office, Nate worked across government to form executive and policymaking teams at a variety of agencies including the Department of Defense. Before the White House, Nate worked on Capitol Hill and on political campaigns across the country as a campaign manager and field organizer.

Biden’s Proposed Budget Is a Step in the Right Direction for Emerging Tech

The administration must engage cutting-edge tech companies that will drive economic prosperity and keep the U.S. ahead of its adversaries.