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Mitch Herckis

Route Fifty Senior Editor and Director of Strategic Initiatives

Mitch Herckis
Mitch Herckis is Route Fifty’s Senior Editor and Director of Strategic Initiatives. Mitch has spent 15 years focused on state and local public policy on behalf of non-profit organizations, the private sector, and now Route Fifty. Mitch most recently served as Director for State and Local Government Programs at a cybersecurity company. Mitch has also served as the Director of Government Affairs for the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO), and Senior Legislative Counsel and Principal Associate for Federal Relations at the National League of Cities. Mitch has also served as a consultant, strategist, and advocate for individual states, cities, and towns on a variety of public policy concerns. He has represented federal employee associations to Congress and the Administration, and served as a producer and co-host for a Clear Channel radio talk show. Mitch holds both an MA and BA in Political Science from American University.

After a Major Cyberattack, Does the Public Deserve an Explanation?

The ransomware that crippled Atlanta raises unanswered questions about how to communicate with citizens after a cyber-attack.


States Dive Into Cryptocurrency Fray

From dealing with Ponzi schemes to financial windfalls, state leaders are weighing how to best handle the future of nationless money.

CIO Briefing

San José Mayor Quits FCC Broadband Group Due to ‘Predetermined, Industry-Favoring Outcome’

Liccardo’s resignation reflected critic’s frustration over the committee focus on industry concerns with state and local government.

CIO Briefing

Dear State and Local Gov: FCC Chair Ajit Pai Is Just Not That Into You

Pai even blew up an intergovernmental advisory committee after members asked to talk to him about its future.

CIO Briefing

State CIOs Want Federal Agencies to Get Out of Their Way

NASCIO’s advocacy priorities cite duplicative and conflicting security regulations and audits as a waste of time and money.

CIO Briefing

The End of Ron Burgundy? FCC Kills Local Newsroom Requirement

Expect significant repercussions for state and local policy, politics and emergency response.

CIO Briefing

NASCIO: Federal Compliance Exercises Are Hindering State IT

Yejin Cooke, NASCIO’s director of government affairs, is getting the word out on why federal data security rules are holding back innovation—and even security itself—at the state level.