Lisagor: One small step

Here are some steps to take toward better project management.


Lisagor: Urban legends

Debunking five myths about doing business with the government.


Stop repeating mistakes

Programs must find innovative ways to do their jobs better.


Lisagor: Seizing the future

If we don't transcend technology with a strong sense of purpose, who will?


Lessons learned

I find meeting with university students to be one of my most rewarding experiences.


Lisagor: Surviving reviews

Some people probably would rather watch paint dry rather than read about preparing Exhibit 300s for the Office of Management and Budget.


Lisagor: New kids on the block

Columnist Michael Lisagor says for many government employees moving to companies, expectations must be realistic so that the new employee isn't set up to fail.


Lisagor: Make it short and sweet

Columnist Michael Lisagor offers guidelines for sales calls.


Lisagor: How to succeed in business

Develop a strategy that has clear and measurable objectives, columnist Michael Lisagor says.


Lisagor: Innovation by listening

Managers need to engage in constructive conversations with employees.


Lisagor: Tone-deaf communications

E-mail is a poor excuse for critical human interaction.


Looking in my crystal ball

Forward progress in the world of federal IT sometimes moves in millimeters, but Michael Lisagor is brimming with optimism about 2004.

Digital Government

Change starts at home

Managing any kind of organization is a tough job.


Controlling expectations

In 2001, I met with 25 industry project managers to share lessons learned and techniques to set, monitor, manage and reset client expectations and increase the probability of successful project implementation.