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Michael Catalini

Michael Catalini
Michael Catalini is a staff correspondent covering the U.S. Senate at National Journal Daily. Previously at National Journal, he reported on national politics and was deputy editor of Influence Alley, covering Congress and K Street. Before joining National Journal he oversaw coverage of the Baltimore Ravens at The Baltimore Sun. While at The Sun, he also pioneered the use of live-streaming video, organized and edited online content and wrote breaking and feature news. He graduated from Penn State with a bachelor's degree in journalism and has a master's degree in government from Johns Hopkins.
CIO Briefing

Why Insurers Want (and Obamacare) to Work

Health plan providers are regularly providing technical feedback to the administration.

CIO Briefing

Congress Turns to Intel Committees as Members Seek Details on Data Collection

Some experts question the panels' support for the surveillance programs.


Government’s Data Grabs Are Unlikely to Prompt Legislative Action

Lawmakers have little appetite for undoing legislation that allowed the sweeps.

CIO Briefing

Fiscal cliff buzz muffles medical device industry message

Industry executives went to Capitol hill to argue against a medical device tax that goes into effect in 2013.


FBI arrests 16 in broad cyberattack crackdown