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Melissa De Witte


Study: Americans Are Getting Better at Avoiding Misinformation

Research suggests Americans are visiting websites that repeatedly make false claims or news stories.


Dress Codes Can Suit Changing Ideals

Sartorial style can be wielded to challenge hierarchies and offer new political ideals in their stead.


To Beat the Winter Blues, Think Like a Norwegian

They see it as an opportunity for lots of things they loved: outdoor activities like cross-country skiing but also special, cozy time indoors.


It's Time to Learn How to Smile in a Your Mask

Cultural differences may explain why some people resist face coverings more than others


How to Avoid COVID-19 Fake News

The first tip is to get your info from established news sources, not social media.

Digital Government

Your Phone Isn't Making You Less Social

People’s personalities influence their digital media use.