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Matt Gibbons

CIO Briefing

US Military Is Replacing the Humvee with a Huge Truck that Looks Like an Angry Shark

Given the casualties caused by roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon has been fiending for a more robust, faster vehicle.

Emerging Tech

A Space Elevator Has Been Patented to Take Astronauts 12 Miles off the Earth

The famed command “beam me up” could soon become more than just a geeky reference to Star Trek.

IT Modernization

Computer Scientists Invented a Way to Turn Your Skin Into a Mobile Touch Pad

A new product called iSkin uses silicon rubber and pressure-sensitive sensors to create an elastic film.

Emerging Tech

Here's What Pluto Looks Like on Instagram

New Horizons sped past Pluto at 30,800 miles per hour, while its suite of instruments gathered data about the dwarf planet.