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Mark Forman

EVP, Dynamic Integrated Services

Mark Forman is executive vice president, enterprise optimization and transformation, Dynamic Integrated Services, and formerly served as the first Administrator for E-Government, the position now called the Federal CIO.

Time for Congress to rationalize the c-suite

COMMENTARY | A proliferation of IT and management reforms going back more than 40 years have complicated the path to modernizing legacy technology systems.


It was 20 years ago today...

Mark Forman reflects on what two decades have taught us about the federal CIO's role and responsibilities.


IT modernization for the COVID era

Crises are clarifying events, and the pandemic is making clear the limits of IT systems built for a different era.


Why right now is the most challenging time in history for government CIOs

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented CIOs at all levels of government with unprecedented challenges to respond to the critical needs of the country.


What to watch in federal IT in 2020

This will be the year when IT governance practices drive a new wave of mission benefits, rather than just better control over IT infrastructure spending.


Accelerating Cloud Computing in Government Requires New Management Approach

CIOs must swap magic for real insights on what and how cloud technologies benefit to their agency.


The Coming Digitization of the Regulatory Environment

Here's what the U.S. can learn about digitizing regulations from two of the largest economies.


Governments Need to Re-tool the IT Workforce (Again)

Leaders should encourage change agents, and those government workers will need to develop and maintain certain skills and capabilities.


Using Technology to Aid the Opioid Crisis' Innocent Victims

Manual processes are holding back the way governments could support children and families in crisis.


Why Citizen Input is Crucial to the Government Design Process

When developing new ways to deliver services, designers must expand their focus beyond the agency’s own operating interests to ensure they also create a satisfying experience for citizens.


Is There an App for That?

User-centered design is a key success factor for implementation of mobile and digital technologies in government


Forman: A fiscal perfect storm

For agencies struggling through these lack-of-budget days, there are ways to deal with IT spending.