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Leslie Josephs

CXO Briefing

At the Heart of Laptop Ban Debate, Officials Ask Which Is Worse: Bombs or Accidental Battery Fires?

Travelers flying from Europe to the U.S. won’t yet have to part with their laptops and tablets.

CXO Briefing

Laptops and Tablets Have Been Banned From Being Used on 56 Routes to the US

Officials said the measure is necessary because of the threat of terror attacks on commercial air travel, including through the use of explosives smuggled in consumer products.

Emerging Tech

There Were 46% More Potential Near-Misses Between US Planes and Drones

FAA noted there’s no proof these unmanned aircraft have caused accidents.


Soon, You Will Never Lose Your Boarding Pass Because it Will Be Your Face

Airports around the world are rolling out facial-recognition technology.

Emerging Tech

Dubai Is Set to Fill its Skies With These Self-Flying Taxi Drones Later This Year

These four-legged, eight-propeller drones can carry a single passenger that weighs up to 220 lb.

IT Modernization

To Hide Dismal Reality of Flying, Airlines Try Virtual Reality on Passengers

Better entertainment options could distract cramped passengers from the pains of traveling economy.