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Leo Mirani

Leo Mirani is a reporter for Quartz in London. He has previously worked at The Economist, Time Out Mumbai and Tehelka.
Emerging Tech

Can Europe Be a Leading Tech Power?

Andrus Ansip, Europe's Digital Market Commissioner hopes to make that happen.

Emerging Tech

A Brief Guide to the Fantastic, Wondrous Creatures of Tech Industry Jargon

First came the unicorns. Then came the decacorns. Now people are talking about dragons, centaurs and even ponies.

Digital Government

Why Apple Is Suddenly So Obsessed With Your Privacy

Apple claims it does not pass along your data to third parties or use it to profile you.


You Can Now Protect Your Facebook Messages From Snooping Eyes

The social network has added another layer of security for the cautious: encrypted notification emails.


There’s One Part of the Tech Industry that Mobile Is Not Disrupting

Criminals and other malicious actors tend to prefer more traditional means to break into networks than mobile devices.


The Many Americans Who Only Use Smartphones to Go Online

One in five adults in the United States connects to the Internet without desktops or laptops.


Why the Mobile Industry Wants to Kill the Password

As data rather than voice or text becomes the big reason people use their mobile phones, networks want to extract more value from their users.

Digital Government

Why the Top-Level Domain Revolution Fizzled Out

Dot-com and dot-net continued to raked up nearly 26 million new domain registrations in the first nine months of 2014.

Emerging Tech

5 Tech Predictions You Should Actually Pay Attention To

January may be coming to a close, but the flood of predictions, forecasts, and prognostications for the year ahead hasn’t abated. Here are the important ones.

Digital Government

Why Fewer Americans Are Googling Things

People who are coming online now are getting used to a world in which they go to apps rather than a browser to look for something.


How Even the Remotest Parts of the World Are Getting Mobile Coverage

A new device is using regular radio spectrum to connect to mobile phones in its area.

Artificial Intelligence

Why Robots Won't Take Over the World Anytime Soon

Efforts to develop artificial intelligence continue apace, with major computer science research and development facilities devoting time, energy, and money to making computers behave like humans.


Survey: Americans Do Care About Online Privacy After All

Yet, the idea that people simply do not care about privacy remains entrenched.


China Poised to Dominate E-Commerce by 2018

One of the factors that helps drive rising e-commerce sales is consumer confidence.


CEOs, Beware -- Someone is Snooping on You Using Hotel Wi-Fi

The attackers use hotel Wi-Fi to prompt people to download updates for software such as Adobe Flash, Google Toolbar and Microsoft Messenger. The updates are in fact malware.


Americans' Share of Online Global Population is on the Decline

As more people access the Internet in more diverse ways, the established measurement systems for advertising and other analytics are becoming less effective.