Welles: What’s after retirement?

When feds leave government, they often seek new meaning in life as retirees.


Welles: Making lists

Experts, managers, federal Web sites provide helpful hints, important dates.


Welles: Are you really ready to retire?

Employees approaching retirement need more info and less wishful thinking about their options.


Welles: Best leaders for the best places

Good communication with managers is a big factor in helping employees feel satisfied with their jobs.


Welles: The dynamics of technology

A Soros technology executive achieved results by connecting organizational behavior and IT.


Welles: Whistle-blowers are wary

New Supreme Court decision puts protection of public employees back in Congress’ court.

Digital Government

Welles: Get started with a good book

Some books about management are excellent starting points for dealing with change.


Welles: Successful succession planning

Be prepared by matching talented employees to leaders before those leaders depart.


Welles: Powering up your points

PowerPoint has forever changed how people give presentations — for good or ill.


Welles: Mindful work

Many of us have a growing sense that too much information is coming at us too fast.


Welles: Telework coming alive?

With new guidelines and surveys showing more interest, has telework’s time come?


TSA privacy policy hit

Agency has exempted airport screening system from privacy safeguards and laws, critics charge.


GSA clarifies telework rules for managers

New guidelines attempt to eliminate confusion about legalities, properties


Welles: Decompress your stress

IT problem-solving creates on-the-job stress that a few mind exercises can help relieve.


Welles: Financial planning can’t wait

OPM advises feds to think about retirement as an important part of their career-long plans


Welles: Don’t leave yet, but if you must…

OPM’s Springer says feds must think carefully before retiring and managers must get ready now


Welles: When retirement looms large

The next stage of your life might be your biggest challenge yet so take careful, deliberate steps


Women share career survival tips

Women at work must earn the trust of each new manager and make themselves indispensable problem solvers, said CIO Janet Barnes.


Welles: Google these books

Begat by the world of search, Google has become the father of search innovation


Welles: Looking back at 2005

It has been a year of mixed blessings for federal employees and retirees