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John Breeden II

John Breeden II is a journalist and reviewer with over 20 years of experience covering technology. He is the CEO of the Tech Writers Bureau, a group that creates technological thought leadership content for organizations.
Emerging Tech

ESA Lets People Plan and Execute JUICE Spacecraft Missions in New Video Game

The real-life JUICE mission will be the first to study Jupiter’s moons with such a high amount of detail.


Artificial Intelligence and Drone Tactics Maneuver into Advanced Military Simulations

The war in Ukraine has made drones a powerful frontline weapon, more user-friendly AIs have been created, and the quality of computer graphics has also improved.

Emerging Tech

NASA Asks for Public Help with the Second MarsXR Challenge

The second challenge will feature a mission storyboarding component, enabling non-programmers to participate.

Emerging Tech

New AIs Make The Mainstream

Artificial intelligence technology is now moving ahead at warp speed.

Emerging Tech

Scientists Weigh in on the Ethics of Next-Generation AI

The release of a powerful and publicly available AI has raised questions about the technology's potential and points of concern.

Emerging Tech

The AI Behind ChatGPT Looks to Visualize the World

Nextgov explored the image-generation capability of OpenAI's DALL-E artificial intelligence program.

Emerging Tech

Expert Analysis of Dangerous Artificial Intelligences in Government

The “real risks” of AI come from a lack of governance and risk understanding, according to Navrina Singh, CEO of Credo AI and a member of the Department of Commerce’s National AI Advisory Committee.


Can Service Meshes Help Bring Legacy Government Applications into Zero Trust?

The Biden administration’s imperative to move to zero trust could prove challenging for agencies with still-functional legacy systems.

Emerging Tech

Vote Now for the Future of Robotics

The European Union's Robotics4EU initiative aims to give the public a voice on how comfortable they are with certain types of robots and artificial intelligence.


The World Gets Ready to Change the Fundamentals of Measurement, Again

The organization in charge of measurement standards is considering a change to one of the most basic forms of measurement.

Emerging Tech

Artificial Intelligence Continues to Evolve in Government and Elsewhere

AI that started out simply tackling robotic process automation-type tasks is slowly evolving to take on more traditionally human and creative duties.


Government Electric Vehicle Efforts Requires New Charging Infrastructure

Plans are being made for a national electric vehicle charging infrastructure, but for now, state and local governments are moving forward on their own.