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John Breeden II

John Breeden II is a journalist and reviewer with over 20 years of experience covering technology. He is the CEO of the Tech Writers Bureau, a group that creates technological thought leadership content for organizations.

Mars is Getting an Unreal New Simulation for NASA Training

A new gaming engine also has the potential to revolutionize how astronauts prepare for Mars missions.


Phishing Threats Attempt to Hook New Government Victims

While the government is focused on the dangers of ransomware, phishing campaigns can circumvent the usual protections placed on its networks.


Interesting Federal Social Media Accounts You May Not Know About

Federal agencies have come a long way from the bureaucratic rules that often hampered effective social media use.

Emerging Tech

Artemis Will Soon Take Flight

The project’s launch marks the first step in what could be a new era of true space travel.

Emerging Tech

Hidden Security Considerations When Moving to 5G

The newest generation of wireless technology comes with several transformative advantages, as well as some pitfalls.


The Ukrainian War Could Usher in Quantum Arms Race

Just as nuclear weapons remain a threat in the physical space, quantum-powered capabilities could become a threat in cyberspace.

Emerging Tech

The Next Big Quantum Leap May Require Better Software

The raw power of increasingly advanced quantum computers could necessitate advances in software to make sense of the noise.

Emerging Tech

Could Smart Cars Finally be Driving Towards Reality?

Autonomous vehicles offer the potential for making streets safer, but currently face regulatory and safety challenges of their own.

Emerging Tech

Creepy, Cool and Coherent: Potential Government Tech Shines at CES 2022

From humanoid robots to zero-emissions drones, CES was filled with lots of tech that may be relevant to government soon.


The Government and Technology Innovation That Shined in 2021 

Some agencies laid some groundwork for new developments that might make life better in the future.


Cream Cheese is the Just the Smooth Tip of a Sharp Problem

With ransomware hackers varying their targets to include operational technology used by U.S. factories and manufacturers, is an OT executive order needed to help combat them?


Feds Warned to Look Out For Ransomware Grinches over the Holidays

Federal cybersecurity officials would prefer you keep your holidays a little more secure.


What’s New for Feds in Windows 11?

Hybrid work environments seem to have influenced the design and features of Windows 11.


Operational Technology in the Crosshairs

Yes, utilities use both IT and OT, but so do data centers.


Augmented and Virtual Reality Step Up for Military Maintenance

"We have seen in similar scenarios at a large aerospace and defense company where technicians with hardly one year of experience have been able to outperform technicians with four or five years of experience," GridRaster Co-Founder and COO Dijam Panigrahi said.


Artificial Intelligence is Good at Less Exciting Military Roles Too

Maintenance is critical in the military, and this is a good example of how AI can be used right now to help improve operations.