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George A. Warner

CXO Briefing

Protection of U.S. nuclear arsenal faulted by experts

National Nuclear Security Administration fails to coordinate with other agencies to guard stockpiles, says National Research Council.


Homeland Security offers tool to curb errors in work eligibility

Citizenship and Immigration Services hopes self-check program will allow workers to avoid being mislabeled because of database flaws.

IT Modernization

Agencies on track to implement White House IT strategy, CIOs say

Meeting the goals of 25-point plan for moving applications to the cloud will require leadership push, according to federal panelists.


GSA's wiki platform is improving efficiency and performance, senior official says

Initiative is in keeping with White House efforts to link open government to improved operations.


Too Much Transparency?


Panelists reiterate concerns about possible E-Verify expansion

Citizenship bureau and SSA wouldn't be equipped to handle it if Congress required employers nationwide to use the system for checking workers' eligibility, policy analysts say.

CXO Briefing

Nuclear agency wins award for project management system

G2 integrates the Global Threat Reduction Initiative's project management data onto one IT platform.


Watchdog notes improvements in accuracy of employment verification system

Report comes as the House Judiciary Committee prepares for a hearing on how the program could be enhanced, and possibly expanded.