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Elaine S. Povich


Biden Backs DIY Fixes in ‘Right to Repair’ Dispute

The pandemic underscored the need for independent and individual repairs of laptops, tablets and phones, and other equipment.

Digital Government

Internet Ads Are a Popular Tax Target for Both Parties

The proliferation of unwanted internet ads and Big Tech’s staggering pandemic profits have fueled bipartisan efforts to capture revenue from tech companies’ mining of personal information.


Pandemic Drives Phone, Computer ‘Right-to-Repair’ Bills

The pandemic has made living without a computer harder than ever.


Wanted: Poll Workers Able to Brave the Pandemic

Election officials in many states are anticipating severe shortages of people to run the polls on Nov. 3.

Digital Government

Coronavirus Fraudsters Keep Prosecutors Busy

State AGs track millions in false loan and unemployment claims.

Emerging Tech

Got an Electric Car? Great! Where Do You Plug It In?

Depending on the state, access to public charging stations can be adequate — or nearly nonexistent.


Congress Approves Bill to Crack Down on Scam Robocalls

“There are no blue robocalls; there are no red robocalls — only despised robocalls.”


Tech Giants Fight Digital Right-to-Repair Bills

Twenty states considered bills to allow independent repair shops and tinkerers to fix broken smartphones, laptops and other equipment.


House technology subcommittee clears cybersecurity bill

Bill was drafted to meet a need for more coordinated oversight.

Digital Government

Officials say voting system will be stressed in November

Election administrators from battleground states say they will use paper ballots if voting machines fail or lines for the machines become too long.