Artificial Intelligence

DOD’s generative AI task force looks for ‘blind spots’

The head of the Pentagon’s Task Force Lima initiative estimated that 60% of its use cases are for a chatbot.


A minimum viable CJADC2 is ‘real and ready,’ DOD official says

The initial version of the Pentagon’s effort to create an interoperable information-sharing network across all of its military domains is “low latency and extremely reliable,” according to Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks.

Digital Government

Senate Dems call for an update on improvements

More than a dozen Democratic senators signed a letter to the General Services Administration asking for an update on the agency’s work to modernize the government’s voting information platform.

Artificial Intelligence

DOD's AI strategy leans on high-quality data

Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer Craig Martell said private sector companies will play a crucial role in the Pentagon’s adoption of AI technologies and the pursuit of high-quality data.

Artificial Intelligence

Lawmakers urge VA to tread carefully with AI

The Department of Veteran Affairs’ 2023 inventory of AI use cases listed 100 instances where VA is working to use emerging technologies, with at least 40 of those examples in an operational phase.

Artificial Intelligence

Tech companies vow to fight deepfake election content

Some House and Senate lawmakers praised the voluntary commitments but want legislation to require labeling and disclosure.


VA pharmacy tech glitches put 250,000 veterans at risk, officials say

Data transmission errors in the VA's new commercial health record could potentially lead to providers missing important prescription information on patients who visit multiple agency facilities.


US reviews export controls in Britain, Australia for high-tech arms sales exemptions

A State Dept. official told a House panel that work to align AUKUS partners with U.S. export control requirements is ‘going very well'.

Digital Government

Senate bill proposes a public website for federal waterway data

New legislation from Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Angus King, I-Maine, would direct the Commerce Department to make “geographic information system data” on federal waterways available on a public website.

Emerging Tech

Commerce advisory committee urges government to boost startup access to talent, funding

Congress should fully fund the Economic Development Administration’s regional technology and innovation hubs program to help the U.S. tech sector maintain its global leadership, according to the committee.


How DHS is providing security tech, cyber support for Super Bowl LVIII

The Department of Homeland Security said it is “leveraging its significant technology assets and dedicated personnel” to protect the Feb. 11 matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.


US and allies test robotic vehicles in electronic warfare environments

A test conducted by the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia subjected robotic ground vehicles to electronic warfare attacks to identify and address vulnerabilities.


Senators want NIST to create cyber guidelines for agencies’ use of civilian drones

The new bipartisan bill would also require that every agency using civilian drones “implement policies and principles based on the NIST guidelines.”


AI escalates election cyber threats with the US as prime target, reports find

Election workers face increased concerns due to the potential for AI systems to help enable disinformation. Outside cyber threats aren’t helping, either.


Defense innovation Unit looks to scale up in new phase

The director of the Defense Innovation Unit said the new strategy places a greater focus on helping the Pentagon “leverage the best of commercial technology and innovation at speed and scale.”


Contracts featuring automation, built-in security can boost agencies’ cyber defenses, VA officials say

As the federal government looks to harden its cyber resilience, officials from the Department of Veterans Affairs said agencies should work to modernize outdated technologies and ensure that vendor contracts include more rigorous security standards.

Emerging Tech

Autonomous tech featured in Senate border and foreign aid bill 

The Senate’s proposed $118 billion immigration and foreign aid package includes more than $260 million to deploy emerging technologies to secure the border.


Defense Innovation Board looks to lock data access in 'all vendor agreements'

A recent study from the advisory group said data access requirements in the Pentagon’s vendor agreements are “fragmented and inconsistent” and called for Congress to take action.

Digital Government

Vet centers need better systems, data to enhance support services

Watchdog officials warned lawmakers that the community-based counseling centers for returning veterans use a platform for identifying those at high risk of suicide that is “neither effectively nor consistently utilized.”


More tech sector collaboration is key to U.S. global leadership, DOD official says

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks said “the future of our nation depends” on closer ties between the Pentagon and the private sector.