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Laptop trackers

Stealth software hunts for lost or stolen computers

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Fingerprint readers enhance notebook security

Ethentica, Identix bring biometrics to the laptop

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Primer maintains PDF portability

Ansyr Technology's Primer offers the flexibility and convenience of reading PDF files on mobile devices

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Fujitsu steams ahead with Stylistic

The Fujitsu Stylistic 3400 pen tablet is the latest quality offering in Fujitsu's extensive line of mobile PC components

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Review: PC tablet not a cure-all

The FCW Test Center looks at Aqcess Technologies' Qbe, a tantalizing glimpse into the future of personal computing

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Samsung's flat-panel display ready for prime time ? literally

Samsung's SyncMaster 170MP is a combination monitor and television that promises a lot: flickerfree, razor sharp images with vivid colors, all contained in a slim, lightweight unit. The unit delivers all that and more.

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Taking the line out of 'online'

If your department has remote users who need to connect to the Internet or your localarea network but aren't always in a location where a telephone jack is available, you'll want to take a look at the AirCard 300 by Sierra Wireless Inc.

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New tool advances the art of screen captures

Running on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 95/98 or Windows NT operating systems, CaptureEze Pro provides effective image editing tools. CaptureEze does not, however, deliver the breadth of tools found in Adobe Systems Inc.'s Photoshop, but it does offer a set of tools well-chosen for quick image manipulation.

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A portable CD-ROM drive to flip over

The MiniCD Flip is ideal for the notebook computer owner who does not have a built-in CD drive. It is ultra-compact and lightweight, weighing a mere 15.6 ounces (including the attached PC Card and cable). Moreover, it churns along at a respectable speed of 24X?more than adequate for performing software installations, running a CD-based program from the drive or simply using the built-in headphone jack to listen to audio CDs.

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CryptCard: Tight security for the mobile work force

Specifically designed for government agencies intent on combating unauthorized access to sensitive and confidential data for its mobile users, Global Technologies Group Inc.'s CryptCard is a standard PC Card that slides into any PCMCIA slot on a notebook computer. Unlike some smart card security so

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Trellix Web: No experience needed

Small agencies that want to start a World Wide Web presence or intranet quickly, inexpensively and easily should give Trellix Corp.'s Trellix Web 2.1.5 a look. This new version of Trellix offers nearly all the features of Trellix 2.0 [FCW, March 8], and adds a handy OneStep Publish feature that ma

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Print Screen Works holds key to Windows printing

Print Screen Works 5.5 is a handy little program from that turns the Print Screen key on the keyboard into a hotkey tied directly to the printer. When viewing any screen in Microsoft Corp. Windows, a user can press the Print Screen key and the image immediately prints. Print Sc