CISA's hit parade of malware aimed at federal agencies

Data compiled from CISA's Intrusion Detection System highlights the three types of malware attacks most commonly targeted at civilian federal agencies.


NSA to release advisory on VPN security amid telework boom

Organizations that spent the past decade hardening their corporate networks must now contend with their workforce signing in from insecure, unmanaged personal devices at home.


Lawmakers, White House square off over new cyber post

The co-chair of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission said he has yet to hear from the White House on why they don't want a new top cybersecurity official in the executive branch.

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Schiff: Trump's vote-by-mail attacks are 'seed' for disinformation campaigns

The House Intel Chair said the president's targeting of absentee ballots provides an anchor for foreign and domestic actors to amplify false narratives about the integrity of the 2020 election.


Lawmakers push cyber updates in Senate defense bill

Amendments filed to the Senate version of the National Defense Authorization Act by Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) and others would implement more than a dozen recommendations from the Solarium Commission report.


Bipartisan House bill would set up a White House cyber director

The legislation would follow the Cyberspace Solarium's recommendation for a Senate-confirmed director to advise the president on cybersecurity policy.


CARES Act delivery hampered by old tech, bad data

Aspects of the federal government's economic response to the coronavirus pandemic were marred by outdated state technology software and a crushing volume of beneficiaries that overwhelmed many systems, according to a new report from the watchdog Government Accountability Office.

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Wyden disparages purge at Open Technology Fund

The Oregon Democrat is demanding answers about the circumstances behind a series of abrupt firings at the non-profit Open Technology Fund carried out by a Trump administration official.


Survey hints at ways to solve the cyber talent gap

A new survey of nearly 3,500 security researchers who use Bugcrowd’s platform offers a glimpse into the backgrounds and motivations of a highly coveted pool of emerging cyber talent that both government and industry are desperate to recruit.


Key Solarium recommendations find a home in the defense bill

Lawmakers declined to add a mandate for a White House Cyber Director position, citing jurisdictional issues.


Why pay attention to indictments of foreign hackers?

While critics say "name and shame" indictments are largely toothless, a top DOJ official said they also help send an important message to victims.


DOD taps Dave Spirk as chief data officer

Spirk filled the same role at U.S. Special Operations Command, has an intelligence background and will help implement the department's modernization strategy.


Congress targets COVID cyber fraud

Pending bills would boost information sharing efforts, pay subsidies to affected states and individuals and move the Secret Service back to the Department of Treasury.


Report: Lax cybersecurity at CIA unit led to Vault 7 leaks

An internal CIA report pins the theft of valuable hacking tools in 2016 on a workplace culture that didn't do enough to emphasize cybersecurity.

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Georgia's primary stumbles highlight anxiety over election readiness

Long lines, backlogs of absentee ballots and unfamiliarity with newly purchased voting and election technology have lawmakers worried about repeats in November.

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House Dems want the Fed to open their digital banking services

Months after IRS began doling out stimulus checks, tens of millions of Americans have yet to receive their share. Experts are calling for better tech and expanded access to the banking system.

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Cyber and IT challenges remain as Census resumes operations

The IT systems needed to carry out the 2020 Census still face numerous testing challenges and unaddressed critical cybersecurity flaws, according to a new oversight report.


Lawmakers want answers on Juniper backdoors

Members of Congress are pressing Juniper's CEO for details of an internal probe into how modified code for a compromised NSA encryption algorithm wound up in the company's firewall products.

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Software glitch, mismanagement cost OSHA $92 million

A whistleblower accused Treasury and Labor officials of failing to address an error in debt processing software that wiped out $92 million in uncollected workplace safety fines.

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Ransomware attack hits federal IT contractor

Files containing sensitive data from DMI's work with NASA were leaked on the web, and the agency said it is following up with law enforcement. Other key customers for the firm include DOD, HHS and the State Department.