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David M. Wennergren

CEO, American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council

David M. Wennergren is the CEO of ACT-IAC, the national non-profit public-private partnership dedicated to advancing the business of government through the application of technology. Follow him on Twitter at @davewennergren.

Embedding AI in tech modernization plans

COMMENTARY | Opportunities exist to accelerate AI adoption across government and use tools like the FITARA Scorecard to ensure effective implementation.


How to accelerate tech modernization (and still play by the rules)

Opportunities exist to bring speed and break down barriers to technology modernization at large organizations like the Defense Department.


Accelerating modernization with an extra $1B

The TMF funding influx provides an opportunity to transform government -- if we can move with speed and purpose.


Delivering outcomes, building trust

Few things will derail a project as fast as a lack of focus on mission outcomes and maintaining trust.


Moving out smartly on cloud and modernization

The Federal Cloud Computing Strategy takes a thoughtful approach to IT modernization.


Are DOD CIOs on the endangered species list?

The Section 809 report offers an opportunity to reflect on the future of federal agency tech leaders, but reports on the impending demise of CIOs at DOD may be exaggerated.


The future of federal IT leadership

It’s time to confront, not ignore, the changing expectations for CIOs.


Automation is the secret to modernization

How applying automation technology can speed agencies' modernization of outdated systems.


David Wennergren's reading recommendations

A longtime federal IT executive shares his thoughts on recent books that inspire and challenge anyone who seeks to lead in these trying times.