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Dave Gershgorn

Dave Gershgorn covers artificial intelligence for Quartz.

The ACLU Used Amazon’s Facial Recognition And It Labelled Congress Members As Criminals

The ACLU is using this demonstration to call for a moratorium on police use of facial-recognition technology.

Emerging Tech

Waymo Just Laid Out Its Vision For a Driverless Future

The company wants to incorporate ride-sharing into its business model.

Emerging Tech

DARPA’s New Cars Are Mechanical Mountain Goats

These vehicles can handle rough or extremely uneven terrain.

Emerging Tech

Google Is Using AI to See Inside the Brain Like Never Before

New data might help neuroscientists better understand the structure of the brain.

Emerging Tech

Microsoft Wants Congress to Regulate Facial Recognition

One of these metrics for regulation could be ensuring the technology works similarly for all

Emerging Tech

AI Is Getting Closer to Replacing Animal Testing

The algorithm can predict results from nine different tests.


Google’s Duplex AI Could Kill the Call Center

And little is known about how this AI system actually works.

Emerging Tech

Scientists Built a Transforming Flying Robot Dragon

The aircraft actually solves a bunch of problems facing modern drones.


Facial Recognition Is Here to Stay. And We Should All Probably Accept It

The public can still push for transparency and pressure for ethical guidelines to be set in place.


New Data Could Help Siri And Alexa Know When They’re Being Unhelpful

Knowing when there isn’t enough information to provide an accurate answer is a tricky skill to learn.

CIO Briefing

Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Is Building a Defense Contractor With Consumer Technology

Its first major project: A virtual border wall between the United States and Mexico.


Google’s New Ethics Rules Forbid Using Its AI For Weapons

Alongside these broad ethical guidelines, Google has also drawn a line in the sand for the AI it will not develop.

Emerging Tech

This Is the Week That the Drone Surveillance State Became Real

Local police have access to drones and footage from those flying cameras will be automatically analyzed by AI systems not disclosed to the public.

Emerging Tech

For All the Hype, AI Still Hasn’t Impacted the U.S. Economy

It’s still too early to tell what kind of impact the technology might have