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Dan Chenok

Dan Chenok is executive director of the IBM Center for the Business of Government.
Digital Government

Leveraging the TMF to improve customer experience

Focusing on customer experience as part of the Technology Modernization Fund investment strategy will enable agencies to improve service and build trust in government.


How the TMF can enable broad improvements across government

Investments in technology that supports multiple agencies would expand the TMF impact considerably.


Leveraging the TMF for the secure modernization of high value assets

Prioritizing Technology Modernization Fund dollars for systems that support high-impact programs can drive major improvements in how IT supports key government missions.


Enhancing the impact of Technology Modernization Fund

Developing connections across the TMF and with larger IT investment programs will yield sustained positive outcomes for the government.


Staying ahead of threats on government networks

Why securing data and managing cyber risk must now become critical elements in agency ERM frameworks.


More than meets AI

Artificial intelligence could help federal employees better focus on their agencies’ core missions, but leadership will must step up to manage that change.


20 years of government going digital

Dan Chenok digs into government's history of IT-driven transformation.

Digital Government

Citizen engagement: a pathway for government reform

New technologies are bringing citizens into the halls of government, and redefining how citizens collaborate in the future.


How investing in technology can transform government and cut costs

A new report shows how, through effective implementation of proven commercial best practice to operations across government, citizens can benefit from over $1 trillion in value over the next decade.


In praise of public servants

Recognizing the outstanding work done by government for the nation, every single day.


What CIOs should do next

A wide-ranging discussion by public- and private-sector IT leaders revealed key drivers for achieving positive mission outcomes.

Digital Government

How mobile solutions can drive citizen engagement for government

With well thought-out design, useful analytics, and a truly custom experience for end users, citizen experience can be improved dramatically.


Priming the pump for innovation in the next administration

A new report offers a range of suggestions for encouraging and sustaining innovation in government.


A pivot to post-award

What contracting officer representatives really think is needed to fix contract management.

Digital Government

Moving forward with FITARA

Agency CIOs can lead real and lasting change with the help of other government leaders and old-school performance grades.


Legislation and the future of federal cybersecurity

New laws promise to strengthen agencies' efforts to block network intruders, share information and build a topnotch cybersecurity workforce.


How agencies' security efforts can drive economic growth

Government IT can support more than just an agency mission -- physical and cybersecurity alike are critical to economic vitality.


Achieving enterprise security to support agency services

Dan Chenok and John Lainhart explain why CDM is set to play a central role.


Improving IT security by implementing better governance

As agency executives look to implement and reinforce cybersecurity as part of their overall IT and programmatic priorities, an important OMB policy and industry implementation framework can provide context and support by enabling sound IT governance.