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Christopher Mims

IT Modernization

Google Is Waging a Financial War of Attrition to Win the Cloud

The company spent $2.35 billion on infrastructure last quarter; for Google that means data centers and the IT gear that go in them.

IT Modernization

Amazon and Google Are Battling to Dominate the Cloud -- and Amazon May Already Have Won

Whatever the endgame, it could take decades to reach. In the meantime, this is a fight that rewards scale.

IT Modernization

Even Barack Obama May Get Rid of His BlackBerry

The leader of the free world could be a future owner of a Samsung Galaxy or comparable Android smartphone.

IT Modernization

Here Comes the First “App Store” for Hardware

The NEX Band will let outside developers create complimentary hardware, as well as apps.

CXO Briefing

Bitcoin Company Offers Stock Denominated in Bitcoin

The founder of Bitcoin Kinetics imagines a future in which you can pay for everything with the currency.


Why the Only Thing Better Than Big Data Is Bigger Data

To understand what’s going on you have to know whether your data is dense or sparse.

Emerging Tech

Why Volcanoes Are the Energy Source of the Future

Iceland's failed hunt for water in a 4th state of matter (not liquid, solid or steam) turned up something after all.

IT Modernization

Why Google Just Sold Motorola to Lenovo for $3 Billion

Google originally bought the company for $12.5 billion in May 2012.


Someone’s Refrigerator Just Took Part in a Malicious Cyberattack

Smart devices are among the most insecure computers on the Internet; hackers are noticing.

Emerging Tech

The Existential Threat to Bitcoin Its Boosters Said Was Impossible Is Now at Hand

A single collective has reached 45% of the computing power of all the virtual currency's miners.

Emerging Tech

This Is the Year of the Electric Car

Get ready for Ford's new solar-powered vehicle, too.

IT Modernization

It's the Beginning of the End for Dumb Phones

Non-smartphones will no longer be sold in three years, investor predicts.

Emerging Tech

2014 Will Be the Year You Actually Want a Smart Watch

Apple and Google are expected to introduce models, joining Samsung and Sony.