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White House Reveals Nation’s First Gender Equity Strategy, Aiming to Close the Pay Gap and Increase Abortion Access

The Biden administration’s Gender Policy Council has released a strategy that requires each agency to figure out how to implement measures to reach key goals and makes long-awaited reforms to data collection.


The Census Bureau’s First Ever Data on LGBTQ+ People Indicates Deep Disparities

Sexual orientation and gender identity were added to the U.S. Census Bureau’s survey of the pandemic this summer — the first time a national government survey has captured the LGBTQ+ economic experience.

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Moms Spent the Equivalent of a Full-Time Job on Child Care Last Year — While Working at the Same Time

Data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on how Americans split their time last year shows moms of young kids spent about eight hours a day on child care while spending six hours on average working.


Women in the Biden White House Earn 99 Cents for Every $1 Earned by Men

The Biden White House has the narrowest wage gap since the country started tracking it in 1995, according to salary data released Thursday.

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A Year from the Start of the Women’s Recession, 2 Million Women Are Still Out of the Workforce

About 165,000 women left the workforce in April as the economic recovery sputters. Unemployment rates continue to be higher for women of color.

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865,000 Women Left the Workforce Last Month

Overall, 661,000 jobs were added in the U.S. labor force between August and September — but women still left it at alarming numbers.