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Brand Niemann

Senior data scientist

Brand Niemann is senior data scientist at and former senior enterprise architect and data scientist at the Environmental Protection Agency.

Rising to the challenge of mapping health data

Brand Niemann offers inspiration and tips for analyzing and integrating the reams of health data available online.


Getting government datasets to talk the same language

Brand Niemann explains how and why we should make data universally accessible on the Semantic Web.


How to move from datasets to data services

Brand Niemann challenges agencies to follow the data science approach and make all their data available for filtering and downloading in three easy clicks.


Empower feds to take on the cloud

Making federal cloud computing a reality could be as simple as letting government workers do their own IT, writes Brand Niemann.


A Gov 2.0 spin on archiving 2.0 data

Brand Niemann proposes a grass-roots approach to archiving social media records.