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Billy House

Billy House
Billy House is a Congressional Correspondent for National Journal. He joined CongressDaily in April 2009 as its House leadership reporter after two years as The Tampa Tribune's Washington reporter and before that, five years as The Arizona (Phoenix) Republic's Washington reporter.
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Internet Sales Tax Bill Quashed For Now

Speaker Boehner promised to revive the issue next year, which would enrage conservatives.

Emerging Tech

Analysis: Is Online Transparency Just a Feel-Good Sham?

Programs claim to let Americans participate more directly in government, with few tangible results, critics say.

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Amendment to Block NSA Data-Collection Loses by Thin Margin in House

The House later passed its overall $512 billion defense spending bill for fiscal 2014.

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Electromagnetic Pulse Caucus Battles Skeptics in Push to Protect the Planet

There are concerns in the Electromagnetic Pulse Caucus that electromagnetic energy from a massive geomagnetic storm may cause havoc.


House installs new electronic -- and time saving -- vote display board

How much would you pay for a vote display that offers better clarity and readability and saves time for clerks? A cool $6 million?

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Google CEO joins speakers at Dem retreat

Schmidt will join Obama, Clinton at event.

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Democrats set fast schedule for Defense, other spending bills

Top Senate Democrats hope to dispense with the fiscal 2010 defense authorization in just four days next week so they can clear the Senate floor for health care legislation and a vote on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. But with battles expected over several provisions of the defense bill, meeting that timeline might be a tall order.