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Ben Watson

Senior Multimedia Editor

Ben Watson is senior multimedia editor at Defense One. Previously, he worked as a producer for NPR in Washington, D.C. And before that, he served for five years in the U.S. Army.
CIO Briefing

Trump Ousts Would-Be Acting Spy Chief

Deputy DNI Susan Gordon was statutorily required to be elevated after DNI Coats resigned in July.

Emerging Tech

AI: The Pros, Cons, and What To Really Fear

Dive into what's known so far about the new AI arms race — with a particular eye on U.S. and Chinese efforts — in a new special report.

CIO Briefing

3 Questions: Artificial Intelligence and the Military

AI has moved from the movies to the laboratory, and governments around the world want it in their arsenals. We asked how militaries define it, and how they intend to keep it under control.

CIO Briefing

The US Army Just Ordered Soldiers to Stop Using Drones from China’s DJI

An Aug. 2 memo cites 'increased awareness of cyber vulnerabilities' with drones from China’s market-leading DJI.

CIO Briefing

The Drones of ISIS

Islamic State fighters are launching an ever-wider assortment of deadly drones, even as their UAV factories come under heavy attack.