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Energy Department to Approve Billions in Nuclear Backing

Nuclear power accounts for about 20 percent of the nation's electricity.

Digital Government

Navy’s Use of Biofuels Could Trigger Private-Sector Adoption

From medical devices to space technology, the Pentagon has often been an incubator for the private sector.

Digital Government

What you need to know about EPA's carbon rules

In 2013, the agency will enter into the most controversial parts of rulemaking.

Digital Government

Utilities and generators are powerless against Sandy

Millions will be reminded of their energy dependence.

Emerging Tech

Cops, cameras and copters keep eyes on Charlotte

The sole job of 20 people will be to sit in a room and continuously monitor 500 security cameras.

Digital Government

Energy Department budget holds major cuts

"Fiscal responsibility demands shared sacrifice - it means cutting programs we would not cut in better fiscal times," Energy Secretary Steven Chu said in an e-mail sent out today to all Energy staff, labs, and sites.


Cyber threat bill clears Senate panel