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OSHA Pandemic Safety Rules Only Cover Health Care Workers

OSHA also issued new guidance on COVID-19 measures for all employers, including paid time off for vaccinations, barriers and shields, and employer-provided face coverings.


Biden Asks OSHA to Consider COVID-19 Workplace Safety Rules

A national order from OSHA would bring all states under the same rules, since even states with independent agencies must meet or exceed the federal standard.

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Electric Cars Will Challenge State Power Grids

An Energy Department study found that increased electrification across all sectors of the economy could boost national consumption by as much as 38% by 2050.

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Ted Cruz Thinks NASA Spends Too Much Worrying About Climate Change

The new space subcommittee chairman thinks the Obama administration has the agency overly focused on climate change at the expense of exploring the cosmos.

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Everything You Need to Know About NASA's Space Taxi Announcement

The space agency will soon use commercial partners to put its astronauts into orbit.

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Rep. Eshoo Calls for ‘Re-brand’ of Net Neutrality

Americans “can’t tell which jargon box to check,” says the California Democrat.


DOT Plan to Make Skies No-Call Zone Might Cost Fliers a Pretty Penny

Airlines are opposing a ban on in-flight cell-phone calls—and they could make you pay for the right to travel in peace.

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Ready for Hologram: Could Virtual Campaigners Shake Up Elections?

One company thinks beamed-in candidates are the future of campaigning.

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One Congressman’s Crusade to Save the World From Killer Robots

Robots could one day keep troops out of combat, but opponents say deploying them will have dangerous consequences.

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Here's How NASA Thinks We'll Find Aliens

The agency thinks we'll find life on other planets soon, but we may not be exchanging messages for a while.

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Safer Roads or Stronger Wi-Fi?

Limited spectrum has connected-car advocates at odds with expanded-Wi-Fi supporters.

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Hollywood Producers Want to Use Drones to Film Their Movies

If the FAA approves, filmmakers could be among the first to use commercial drones.

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NASA Has a New Plan to Save Its Zombie Spaceship

A long-lost spaceship may still have some life left in it—if a California company can figure out how to talk to it.

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Russia Aims to Ground the Pentagon's Satellites

In sanction return-fire, Russia is cutting off access to rocket-engine sales and cutting the lifespan of the International Space Station.

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Why You Can't Fly a Drone at Yellowstone

The National Park Service says its ban on drones doesn’t just apply to Yosemite.

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Is Space the Key to Bitcoin's Future?

A satellite-based plan to broadcast bitcoin data could make the digital currency safer and more accessible, advocates say.

Digital Government

FEC Considers Allowing Bitcoin Donations to Political Campaigns

Could virtual currency be the next form of campaign clout?