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Akshat Rathi

Emerging Tech

China’s Electric Cars Are Government Spies

There are currently 1.4 million electric cars providing data, including real-time location.

Emerging Tech

A Silicon Valley Startup is Giving Lithium-Ion Batteries a Much-Needed Silicon Boost

The tech needs to undergo a step change, and there are many startups currently trying to make it happen.

Emerging Tech

Uber Will Bring You Flying Taxis, if You Can Help Build a Magical Battery

The company needs to develop a battery that is lighter and has more storage capacity than anything produced so far.

Emerging Tech

The World’s First Floating Wind Farm Could be a Game Changer for Renewable Power

If the technology becomes cheaper it will open up parts of the ocean previously considered too deep for stationary turbines.

Emerging Tech

Physicists Have Created 'Impossible' State of Matter That Could Power Quantum Computers

Quantum computers are predicted to be faster than any supercomputer that can be built with silicon chips.

Digital Government

New Genetic Tool Maps How Deadly Viruses Spread Around the World in Real Time

The real-time tracking tool maps how viruses spread, potentially identifying hot zones sooner.

Digital Government

An Algae That Survived Two Years in Outer Space May Hold the Secret to Growing Food on Mars

Algae produce proteins and oxygen, both key ingredients for surviving once humans leave the blue planet.

Digital Government

Newly Developed Breathalyzer Can Diagnose 17 Diseases With One Breath From Patient

The breathalyzer has an array of specially created gold nanoparticle


Your Wearable Device Won’t Do the Thing You Desperately Want it to Do

If weight loss is your goal, a new study shows that you may be better without one.