Study Links Cellphone Use to Cancer -- But Don't Give Up Your Phone Just Yet

The World Health Organization currently classifies cellphones under the same category as coffee, fossil fuel fumes, and pickled vegetables.

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You Can Now 3-D Print One of the World’s Lightest Materials

This technology will make the material much easier to use, and open it up to wider applications.

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Why Scientists Make Bad Entrepreneurs—and How to Change That

While Silicon Valley creates billionaires before they turn 30, no Nobel Laureate has ever become a billionaire.

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Using a Computer or Mobile Device Could Shave Years Off Seniors’ Mental Age

Another reason to not believe in the frequent claim that smartphones are making us dumb.

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All of Google’s—er, Alphabet’s—Companies and Products from A to Z

Google has announced it will be folding itself into a larger company, called Alphabet. Here's what that entails.

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A Cheap New Test Can Reveal Every Virus that Invaded You—and Help Stop Infections

Scientists have now developed a new test that could be crucial in improving our immunity against viruses.

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World’s First Biolimb: Scientists Are Growing Rat Arms in Petri Dishes

Harald Ott at Massachusetts General Hospital and his colleagues have now taken a step toward the dream of building a biolimb.

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US Army Is Serious About Developing Invisibility Cloaks

Previous attempts at achieving invisibility have involved everything from the use of funky lenses to hidden projectors paired with cameras.