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Adam Clark Estes

Emerging Tech

The Space Station is Leaking Vital Fluid

The leak isn't putting the astronauts in any immediate danger, officials say.

Digital Government

Are You Ready to Pay for YouTube?

A new strategy may help YouTube compete with other online outlets and major television networks.


CISPA Is Dead, Long Live CISPA

Cyber intelligence sharing bill doesn't make it out of the Senate.


Good Timing: Twitter Will Soon Release a Two-Step Security Solution

A hack on Tuesday reported to the world that the White House had been bombed and President Obama injured.

Emerging Tech

An Internet Sales Tax Suddenly Seems Imminent

The Obama administration supports the current version of the bill.

Digital Government

The Question of Whether We Can Patent Genes Heads to the Supreme Court

Does the centuries' old method for protecting intellectual property still apply when the invention comes straight out of the human body?


No, That German Hacker Probably Can't Hijack an Airplane with Software

FAA says it wouldn't be possible to take over a plane's controls.

Emerging Tech

Bitcoin Is Now a Billion Dollar Industry

It's unclear why the nationless virtual currency is skyrocketing in value.

Emerging Tech

IBM Invention Mimics Human Brains at Atomic Level

Development may pave the way for the most powerful computers ever.


Hackers Attack Bank Minutes After NSA Chief Warns Senate About Hackers Attacking Banks

Chase Bank's website was hacked, though it's unclear if any customer data was compromised.

Digital Government

The Obama Administration Hasn't Ruled Out Drone Attacks on US Soil

The Obama administration is not in favor of drone strikes on U.S. soil except in the event of "an extraordinary circumstance."

Digital Government

Newborn Baby Cured of HIV, No One's Really Sure How

Some are calling the case of the Mississippi patient "a game-changer."

Digital Government

Google Sent Cash in the FTC's Direction During Its Antitrust Investigation

The tech giant donated $25,000 to honor the Federal Trade Commission chairman while the agency was embroiled in an investigation of the company.


Facebook Now Has an Entire Team Devoted to Sandy Hook Scams

Three Connecticut lawmakers have asked Mark Zuckerberg to do something about the flood of fake Sandy Hook memorial pages.


Recent Cyberattacks Herald a New Kind of Cold War

The rhetoric is heating up in reaction to escalating network incursions.