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Abdi Latif Dahir

Emerging Tech

Uber Drivers in Kenya Will Take Selfies to Keep Riders Safe

Real-time identification check helps drivers protect their accounts from being compromised, says the company.

Emerging Tech

The 17-Year-Old Google Coding Winner Whose Cameroonian Hometown Has Been Cut Off From the Internet

His story, that of a young developer winning an esteemed hacking award, has been used as a rallying point for those campaigning against the shutdown.

IT Modernization

If You Want Affordable Internet in Africa, Move to a Country on the Coast

In sub-Saharan Africa, a major obstacle that keeps millions from achieving universal digital access is geographical location.

IT Modernization

Mobile Innovation Will Help 2 Billion More People Get Access to Health Care and Education

For low-income consumers in emerging markets, the full potential of mobile financial services is yet to be unlocked, a new report suggests.

IT Modernization

Internet Shutdown Could Cost Ethiopia’s Booming Economy Millions of Dollars

Mobile internet remains down across the country since the government announced a six-month, nationwide emergency in early October.

Emerging Tech

Tech Hubs Across Africa Have More Than Doubled in Less Than a Year

Over 300 hubs are spread across 93 cities in 42 countries across the African continent; however, more than half of the hubs are concentrated in only five countries.