White House

Biden’s Top Priorities Offer Few Clues for Technology Policies

Washington policy experts believe President-elect Joe Biden’s approach to big tech companies and regulation may differ from both the Trump and Obama administrations.

Rolling Back Trump Workforce Policies Won’t Be As Simple As Rescinding Executive Orders

President-elect Biden has vowed to rescind on his first day a series of Trump-era directives aimed at weakening federal labor unions and politicizing the civil service, but repairing the damage could take much longer.

GSA Holds the Key to When or If Biden Gets Access to Full Transition Resources

With President Trump’s campaign threatening lawsuits, it is unclear when GSA would grant access to full transition resources.  

Biden Victory Promises End to Tumultuous Four Years for Government Under Trump

The former vice president has said he will lean on and empower the federal workforce.

OMB Confirms Appointment of Controversial New Federal CISO

Camilo Sandoval, a former acting CIO for the Veterans Affairs Department, was the director of the Trump campaign’s data operations in 2016.

Would Biden WH, GOP Senate Prevent Defense-Spending Dip?

As the nation waits for election results, some analysts are looking ahead.

The Internet Won’t Be the Same After Trump

How the president changed life online—for better and for worse.

House Democrats Urge OPM to Halt Implementation of Order Politicizing Civil Service

House Oversight and Reform Committee leaders want to investigate the development and analysis of the effort to strip wide swaths of the federal workforce of civil service protections.

Union Sues and Democrats Introduce Bill to Block Trump Order Politicizing Civil Service

As opponents of the president’s effort to convert chunks of the federal workforce into at-will employees kick off their efforts to stop the initiative, the administration has signaled that agencies can push forward ahead of schedule.

Agencies to Have Wide Latitude In Deciding Which Jobs to Strip of Civil Service Protections

OPM issued initial instructions Friday for implementing a Trump executive order that allows federal policy-making positions to be converted from career jobs to at-will appointments.

Governance Experts Assail White House Effort to Strip Federal Employees of Rights

Good government groups, unions and lawmakers were nearly unanimous in their scorching criticism of an executive order that could strip protections for hundreds of thousands and politicize the federal workforce.

‘Stunning’ Executive Order Would Politicize Civil Service

President Trump signs directive that will potentially pull thousands of federal employees in "policy-making" positions out of the competitive service, making them at-will employees.

White House Strategy Names 20 Emerging Technologies Crucial to National Security

As part of the strategy, the administration is encouraging government agencies to research, develop and buy more emerging technologies.

AI Commission Recommends Powerful CTOs to Prep for Great Power Competition

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence offers 66 recommendations for out-innovating China.

Why Women Can’t Want

Kamala Harris and the politics of female ambition.

White House Launches Single Site for the Government’s Quantum-Focused Activities

It accompanies the release of a new report highlighting key areas to focus quantum research.