Trump Administration Preps Sanctions Against Foreign Election Interference

The new executive order describes a process for sanctioning digital interference, propaganda and any other efforts to meddle in U.S. elections.

Senate Committee Approves Top White House Tech Advisor

Office of Science and Technology Policy hasn't had a permanent leader since the last administration.

Report: Trump’s Latest Tariffs Will Stunt Cloud Market, Federal Adoption

A 25 percent tariff will lead to higher costs for agencies and might slow U.S. cloud adoption, analysts say.

Federal CIO: Expect New Cybersecurity Reporting Metrics by Year’s End

The new guidance will better match the goals outlined in the administration’s IT Modernization Report and the President’s Management Agenda.

White House Unveils More Details About Proposed Modernization Center

Officials expect to establish the future-focused GEAR Center in the next year.

GSA Taps New Leader for Technology Transformation Services

GSA appoints one of its own to serve as the Technology Transformation Services' new leader.

Omarosa’s Recordings Show the Problem with Honor-System Security

The White House relies on employees to turn over any devices prior to entering a secured room but has few fail-safes if they don’t.

Pending Executive Order to Move Entire Background Investigation Bureau to Pentagon

The president is preparing to sign an order to move the entire National Background Investigations Bureau—workload, people and all—under the Defense Department.

USDA Kicks Off Bidding for Second Round of IT Overhaul Contacts

The program will be a model for other agencies to surge outdated IT into the 21st century.

Mike Pence’s Cybersecurity Speech (Annotated)

The vice president delivered a fiery campaign-style cybersecurity speech at a Homeland Security cyber conference Tuesday. Here’s an explainer.

Federal Technology Transformation Lead Leaving Government

Joanne Collins Smee is departing public service after overseeing internal reorganizations and the launch of GSA’s Centers of Excellence.

Senate Approves Spending Package with Pay Raise, Setting Up Fight With House

Trump told Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday a government shutdown would be "a great campaign issue," further complicating the prospects for a spending bill.

Trump Picks Meteorologist As Top Scientific Adviser

Kelvin Droegemeier would be the first person without a degree in physics to lead the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

White House Sets Top Research & Development Priorities for 2020

Expect artificial intelligence, quantum computing and space travel to get budgetary attention in fiscal 2020.

White House Seeks Input on Reskilling Feds and Upgrading Agency Services

As part of its government reorganization, the administration wants advice on how to establish the tech-focused GEAR Center.

Microsoft Says Russia Tried to Hack Three 2018 U.S. Midterm Candidates

The hackers targeted the candidates’ staffers with phishing tactics.