White House

Biden Administration Launches New Component To Internet Expansion

The Internet for All program utilizes funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill to deploy internet connectivity nationwide.

Key Convener Releases Plan for Securing Open Source Software with White House

A crucial entity within the open source ecosystem is urging prioritization of libraries that support widespread applications like internet routing, among other things.

Energy Seeks Input on Power Grid Modernization, Expansion

The Energy Department continues taking action on investments through President Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

The Cybersecurity Executive Order: From Missed Opportunity to Unexpected Progress

The impact of President Joe Biden’s cybersecurity executive order over the last year proved to go beyond initial expectations.

One Year Later: A Hacker’s View on the Cybersecurity Executive Order

Federal network adversaries have evolved in the year since the order’s signing.

Biden, Harris Unveil New Internet Connectivity Subsidies

The White House announced new federal credits for low income households to have access to high speed internet.

Federal Agencies Likely to Get New Cybersecurity Guidance ‘In Coming Weeks’

New top-level guidance—and requirements—are coming for managing software security risk at federal agencies

What’s at Stake for Trump, Twitter and Politics if the Tweeter-In-Chief Returns from Banishment

Analysis of Trump’s post-Twitter communications suggest that the former president has not moderated his messaging style. So what does that mean if he were to go back on Twitter?

White House Issues Two Quantum Directives Set To Bolster American Infrastructure

The White House announced new plans to promote quantum technology research and development while helping U.S. computer networks transition to post-quantum cryptography standards.

Senator Calls on Biden to Fill OSTP Leadership Role

The Biden Administration has not put forth a nominee for the Cabinet level position.

Here’s What the New ‘Buy America’ Infrastructure Commitments Mean for Agencies

Waivers can be issued under certain circumstances, but proposed exceptions must be made available to the public and approved by an office within OMB.  

IRS Marks the Annual Tax Filing Deadline With a Plea for More Funding

Chronic underfunding has hurt the tax agency's ability to modernize, says a top official, who wrote that the U.S. tax system "is a tax system where ripped paper returns are literally pieced together with scotch tape."

More Than 90 Agencies Release Their First-Ever Equity Plans

“For the first time Americans will see a full picture of what it looks like for the entire federal government to advance equity at once,” a senior administration official said.

White House Asserts Micromanagement Critique Was About a Previous Administration

Debate is heating up over the role of sector-risk management agencies in shoring up security of the nation’s critical infrastructure.

IRS Digitizing Tax Form 709 With New Tech

The agency is ramping up its modernization efforts, focusing on digitization and automation.