White House

Federal Tech-Focused Officials Are on the Move

Both new and familiar faces are taking on information technology-aligned positions.

White House Seeks Ideas on How Agencies Can Deliver Services More Equitably

The Biden administration wants to know its blindspots and biases in operating federal programs.

Biden Administration Likely Retaining Trump Doctrine on Cybersecurity in Space

Vice President Kamala Harris is prioritizing cybersecurity as chair of the National Space Council, an official said.

Review Board Upholds Facebook’s Ban on Trump—For Now

The board left the decision on whether to ban Trump permanently up to the tech company.

Biden Promised the Most Diverse Administration Ever. Here’s How He’s Doing.

Seven figures that show the representation — and the gaps — in President Joe Biden's Cabinet and federal appointments.

Senators Introduce Bill to Increase U.S. Influence on Tech Standards-Setting Processes

The bill would create an Office of Science and Technology task force to come up with a strategy for increasing participation in standards settings bodies and counter China’s sway.

Biden Again Pitches Expanded Federal Research Investments to Keep U.S. Competitive

“China and other countries are closing in fast,” the president said during his first Congressional address.

Biden Signs Executive Order Requiring Federal Contractors to Pay a $15 Minimum Wage

White House says these employees are “critical” to the federal government’s operations. 

Trump, Defying Custom, Hasn't Given the National Archives Records of His Speeches at Political Rallies

Almost 10% of the president’s total public speeches are excluded from the official record.

Experts Torn on Role of National Cyber Director

Former officials agree someone needs to coordinate the work of various government entities but weighed pros and cons to the position being located within the National Security Council.

Lessons From 30 Years of Government Reform Efforts

There’s much that newcomers to government should learn from the past.

Biden Commits to Investing ‘Closer to 2%’ of GDP in Science Research

The president referenced infrastructure, immigration, quantum computing and much more in his first formal press conference.

CISA Will Use New Authority Over Internet Service Providers to Fight Ransomware, Official Says

Acting CISA Director Brandon Wales praised the government’s coordination absent a national cyber director.

Special Report: IT Modernization Priorities for 2021

Many of the new administration’s early executive orders, memos and plans included a technology component, but have yet to address the underlying issues with government IT.