COVID-19 Drove .Gov Search Traffic in 2020 But Not Always About Health

Data on searches performed on .gov websites shows people wanted information on every aspect of the pandemic, as well as continued interest in NASA and immigration.

Critical Update: Let’s Talk About UFOs

What’s behind unidentified aerial phenomena observed by military officials? Are we alone in the universe? Nextgov asks some experts.

Securing Space: The Next Frontier of Credential-Based Attacks

Like many other sectors, the space industry needs to secure its supply chain from start to finish.

Space Firms Put Aside Rivalries to Share Threat Data

A new clearinghouse has begun gathering and distributing information about threats to space networks, products, and services.

Mars Perseverance Mission Already Producing Amazing Moments

Watching the rover plummet only to perform a delicate, ballet-like finish was breathtaking.

Pentagon Pursues 5G Applications for Space 

A new document details military considerations regarding future means to transport data.

Space Force Sounds Like a Joke Thanks to Pop Culture – that Could Be a Problem for an Important Military Branch

It could lead to a disconnect between public expectations and what the Space Force is actually doing, and ultimately, reduce public support.

Army Special Forces Wants Lasers to Shoot Down Drones

The winning vendor will get two high energy lasers and two radar systems to combine into a working, drone-killing prototype.

What Robots Need to Become Better Helpers

Hand, fingers and a sense of touch are tricky but may be essential for some robots' tasks.

NASA’s Moon-Exploring Artemis Program Will Move Forward Under Biden

The White House pledged its support of the ambitious lunar exploration missions.

Military Eyes AI, Cloud Computing in Space in a Decade

Physics keeps the Pentagon from orbiting a computer powerful enough for machine learning. So they’re building a network in space.

Japan Pledges to Provide Capabilities for NASA’s In-the-Works, Moon-Orbiting Outpost

It marks America’s latest international commitment in support of its Artemis missions.

Thousands of Ocean Fishing Boats Could Be Using Forced Labor—We Used AI and Satellite Data to Find Them

Forced labor is a known problem in open ocean fishing, but the scale has been very hard to track historically.