NASA’s long-term missions could be hurt by budget caps, lawmakers warn

House Science Chairman Frank Lucas R-Okla., said Congress needs to provide NASA with “sufficient support” to carry out its work.

NASA delivers Voyager software update across 15 billion miles of space

Scientists and engineers with the space agency were able to successfully repair an issue in one of the probe’s onboard computers from over 15 billion miles away.

Pentagon can’t force Starlink to block service to Russians, US official says

US is “taking steps” and “working through” the problem with SpaceX and Ukraine, space-policy leader says.

‘Military force’ could be directed to protect private sector orbital assets, DOD strategy says

The Pentagon’s first-ever commercial space integration strategy said the department would take steps to “mitigate risks to commercial space actors.”

Space operations likely to be shaped by sustainable emerging tech, report says

Innovative capabilities that promote reusability, safety and longevity are likely to dictate the future of space exploration, according to a recent white paper from Forecast International.

Lawmaker seeks to give NASA funding flexibility on interagency research efforts

Legislation from Rep. Eric Sorensen, D-Ill., would allow agencies to transfer funding to NASA to jointly partner on scientific or engineering projects.

NASA needs to refocus on supercomputing to keep pace in space, watchdog says

The space agency “needs a renewed commitment and sustained leadership attention” to enhance its overburdened and vulnerable high-end computing assets.

Russian space nuke wouldn’t alter US orbital-network plans, Space Force says

The nascent Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture is built on the idea that lots of satellites offer plenty of redundancy.

National Archives tees up new rules for UFO records

New legislation mandates a governmentwide repository of records dealing with "unidentified anomalous phenomena."

Senators take bipartisan shot at preventing space jams

Senate legislation seeks to make “basic-level” space data, analytics and other services available to help maintain U.S. dominance in the space sector.

Space Force is crafting in-house cyber teams but sees need for closer work with USCYBERCOM

U.S. Cyber Command has been “an incredible partner” to the Space Force but does not currently have any personnel from the military branch within its ranks, a top official said.

NASA celebrates winners of second MarsXR virtual reality astronaut training competition

Most of the winning scenarios enabled players to be scored like in a video game based on their crew’s effectiveness in completing each challenge.

New ‘Hyperspace Challenge’ aims to pair mature space tech with DOD, Space Force

The upcoming Hyperspace Challenge will link industry with the Defense Department and inform them of various opportunities to partner.

NASA probes quantum tech for sensing applications

NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy said the space agency is leveraging quantum-based technologies, like sensing, to better study space and climate change.

Space Force contracts for new ‘zero-trust’ data protection

It’s hard to upgrade infrastructure, especially if it's related to space.

Space Force needs more cyber operators for weapons systems, chief says

Protecting weapons platforms is a primary concern for Space Operations Command, says its vice commander.

How NASA, NOAA and AI might save the internet from devastating solar storms

Coronal mass ejections that can occur during the solar maximum are electrically charged, meaning they can easily destroy electrical and computer equipment.