New Satellite Will Allow First-Ever Observation of Nearly All of Earth’s Water

NASA’s upcoming Surface Water and Ocean Topography satellite will provide a complete measurement every 21 days.

FCC Will Launch New Space Bureau

The new bureau will help the agency better perform its existing responsibilities and tackle increasing commercial interest in space.

DOD Announces New Contract Awards for Its 'Internet in Space' Effort

Amazon, Microsoft and SpiderOak will help the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit develop a space-based communications network.

It’s Official: Space Force Sets Sights on Smaller Satellites

The newest service’s acquisition chief also calls for more fixed-price contracts and fewer classified programs.

Lawmakers Propose to Address Space Tech in the FY 2023 NDAA

Proposed amendments to the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act spending legislation aim to address issues of space debris, technology and critical infrastructure.

Challenges in the Space Domain are Becoming ‘More Technologically Focused,’ Experts Say

Panelists at a PSC Defense conference noted that “space is now a contested domain” with increasing technological and competitive challenges.

NASA, SpaceX will Study Feasibility of Boosting Hubble Telescope Into Higher Orbit

The study will look at the possibility of moving Hubble into a more stable orbit, which would help extend the telescope’s life.

FCC Adopts New 5-Year Rule for Orbital Debris, Despite Pushback

Earlier this week, lawmakers raised concerns about the FCC’s proposal.

FCC’s Proposed Change to Orbital Debris Rule Draws Lawmaker Worry

The leaders noted that coordination in this area is important, and the agency’s change could cause confusion.

NASA’s DART Mission Hits Asteroid

For the mission, NASA attempted to move an asteroid in space as part of the agency’s planetary defense strategy.

Planned Next-Gen Satellites Can Help Address Extreme Weather Challenges, Officials Say

A Wednesday hearing explored the capabilities of the new GeoXO satellites to provide better data for weather forecasting and modeling.

Mars Is Littered with 15,694 Pounds of Human Trash from 50 Years of Robotic Exploration

Discarded pieces of landing gear, crashed spacecraft and wear and tear have produced a lot of debris that is now scattered around the Martian surface.

Critical Update: Gaming the (Solar) System

Advances in virtual reality and graphics processing have led NASA to partner with gamers on the path to preparing astronauts for a mission to Mars.

NASA, FCC Address Growing Issue of Orbital Debris

The agencies are respectively funding research to study this issue and proposing new rules to reduce debris in space.