Who’s in Charge of US Space Policy?

Space professionals worry the National Space Council is ceding its defense portfolio.

The Government and Technology Innovation That Shined in 2021 

Some agencies laid some groundwork for new developments that might make life better in the future.

NASA Bringing Bioprinting Technology To Space Station

The space agency is furthering bioprinting as a safe method for healing wounds in outer space.

Air Force Breakthrough Brings Space-Based Solar Power One Step Closer

Tomorrow’s remote military bases could be powered by a light-to-microwave tile that just passed a key test.

Why NASA Is Trying to Dodge the Moon

If the James Webb Space Telescope were to leave Earth at the wrong time, our very own satellite could thwart the mission.

Should Killing a Satellite Provoke War on Earth?

A Space Force official says the service is considering how to respond to attacks in orbit.

Space Force Moves to Speedily Buy Constellation of Free-Flying Satellites

The newest military branch is “continually looking to engage with industry to find ‘go faster’ solutions,” according to a division director.

Pentagon Moves to Prove the Feasibility of Biomanufacturing in Space

Ethics experts will support a new DARPA project that could pave the way for the Defense Department's first space-based manufacturing option.

Space Force Has a Plan for Training Its Troops. Now It Must Figure Out What They Need to Learn

The newest service can’t train the same way its sisters do. It needs a new simulated environment.

Pentagon Outlines Role for New UFO Office

Defense leaders want to make sure they can spot and track “phenomena” trespassing over training ranges.

Air Force Lab, New Mexico Institute Get Set for ‘High-Powered Window to Space’

Once completed, a sophisticated new telescope will support national security and could provide some of the clearest resolutions of space-based objects.

Maybe Don’t Blow Up Satellites in Space

Just look at the trouble the debris from Russia’s missile test already caused for the International Space Station.

Half of Space Travelers Experience Back Pain

The human spine is built to support our bodies under the gravitational forces experienced on Earth.

This Isn’t the Big Telescope Debut NASA Imagined

The James Webb Space Telescope, the long-awaited successor to Hubble, is mired in controversy over its namesake.

The Cost of William Shatner’s ‘Most Profound Experience’

The actor got his oldest-in-space record for free, but most commercial astronauts will have to pay for their historic milestones.