Hackers Could Shut Down Satellites—or Turn Them into Weapons

On the mundane end of scale, hackers could simply shut satellites down.

NASA Will Only Tolerate So Much Danger

An investigation into what really went wrong with Boeing's last space mission turned up serious issues.

The Night Sky Will Never Be the Same

Elon Musk’s plan for worldwide internet has sent bright artificial, lights streaking through the dark.

What Do You Call the Troops of the U.S. Space Force?

The Pentagon wants your input — and space cadets and spacemen are not under consideration.

NASA Solicits Ideas on its Future Moon Rovers

It’s all part of what the agency calls “a coordinated approach to explore the lunar surface.”

AFWERX to Launch Four Challenges to Accelerate Space Innovation

The Air Force’s innovation group is crowdsourcing some of the pain points in the space domain.

Happy Lunar New Year, Although New NASA Models Suggest We Might Have Fewer Left

Looking at the world in NASA’s new model makes it easy to see why climate change is a global problem.

A Graveyard of Giant Spacecraft Spins Through Space

After observatories retire, they can still spend hundreds, even millions, of years trailing the Earth.

Pentagon Wants to Build One Satellite Per Week

Over the next two years, the Space Development Agency is looking to put dozens of satellites into orbit. 

Former NASA Commander Says Space Force 'Incredibly Important'

Pam Melroy also explained how commercial space flights could pave the way for an entirely new tourism paradigm.

Government to Restrict Sale of AI for Satellite Image Analysis

Software that can analyze satellite photos would be treated like a weapon.

Laser-Linked Satellites Could Deliver 'Internet from Space'

Such a network could potentially reach remote and underserved areas.

The Next Big Customer Experience From Jeff Bezos

His space company, Blue Origin, is on the verge of sending tourists just past the boundary of Earth.

Army Partners with UFO Researchers to Study Active Camouflage and Other Sci-Fi Tech

The partnership will explore metamaterials, quantum communications, beamed energy propulsion and other futuristic tech for use on the military’s ground vehicles.