White House Launches Plan for a Nuclear Power System on the Moon

It follows other space-centered proposals from the Trump administration—and might not be the last. 

AFWERX Launches Space Innovation Hub

Air Force officials announced the creation of SpaceWERX, a team to help Space Force tap into cutting-edge technologies.

I'm an Astronomer and I Think Aliens May Be Out There – but UFO Sightings Aren't Persuasive

Belief in alien visitation is greater than belief that Bigfoot is a real creature.

Experts Call for Government to Designate Commercial Space Sector as Critical Infrastructure

The federal government currently deems 16 sectors as critical infrastructure sectors because of their importance.

NASA’s Ready for Companies to Put Its ‘Robo-Glove’ to Use

The futuristic, robotic handwear could help people on the job, or if they suffer from limited hand strength.

Critical Update: Inside NASA’s Digital Transformation

The space agency’s digital modernization is aimed at augmenting and improving three key mission areas, according to its chief data officer.

NASA Planning New Ways to Show the World Its Future Moon Missions

The space agency wants virtual reality and other emerging tech to help share its story of lunar exploration.

NOAA Partners with Google to Boost Weather Forecasts with AI

The roughly $10 million deal will also incorporate new hands-on training opportunities for both entities’ personnel.

NASA Confirms Water on Moon’s Sunlit Surface

It’s an important discovery that could impact future Moon missions.

SpaceX, L3Harris Technologies Get Pentagon Contracts to Track Missiles from Outer Space

Potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the contracts continue the Defense Department’s plans to beef up space operations.

Can We Still Go to Mars?

The pandemic is making a journey to the red planet feel further away than ever.

NASA to Debut New-and-Improved Space Toilet

Astronauts informed the unit's creation and have high hopes that it’ll bring more comfort to all who use it.

Modern Space Missions Lead to Standing Joint NASA, DOE Coordinating Group

Senior Energy officials briefed Nextgov on a range of areas that present potential opportunities for the agencies to advance each other’s missions.