Smart Government: Cyber Redefined

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Why a CASB is Essential to any Cloud and Enterprise Security Strategy

CASB deployment is especially critical for government managers as they adopt a mix of cloud infrastructures to address the diverse needs of their missions

Targeted Ransomware: Proliferating Menace Threatens Organizations

With several new targeted ransomware groups emerging over the past two years, the number of organizations being hit by targeted ransomware attacks has multiplied.

Adapting to the New Reality of Evolving Cloud Threats

Seventy-three percent of firms had cloud incidents due to immature security.

A Roadmap to Integrated Cyber Defense in Government

A new approach strengthens cybersecurity and makes better use of budget and staffing.

CDM Dashboards: A Gateway to Better Intelligence

The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program should be viewed as a catalyst to change how federal agencies think about risk.

Why Automation Will be Critical to CDM Success

The CDM program holds a lot of promise for federal agencies and automation is the key capability needed to ensure this happens.

Protecting Defense Department Endpoints: A New Approach

EDR solutions now offer continuous recording of system activity to support full endpoint visibility and real-time queries.

How Election Security Goes Beyond the Ballot

The mid-terms are over but election security remains a key point of debate, and state governments need to focus on the technical side of security.

Symantec's Managed Security Services Puts Better Security Within Reach

Budgets are tight and the competition for great talent is worse than ever. Here’s a way to vault those seeming obstacles in the way of better security.

Why MEDR is Key to Helping Government Combat Stealthy Threats

Managed EDR accelerates cyber response – which is especially important for government agencies under siege from increasingly savvy malicious attackers.

Data-Centric Security: The Changing Landscape

The question is no longer if a network will be breached but rather when and by whom.

Agencies Continue to Benefit from the NIST Cyber Security Framework

The CSF has played an invaluable role helping organizations manage their cyber security risk.