NIST issues new guidelines on protecting unclassified data in government systems

The framework considers the private sector’s increased role in helping the federal government in day-to-day operations and aims to reduce the risk of supply chain cyberattacks.

White House launches digital twins funding opportunity

The Biden administration is investing over $280 million into digital twin technologies to innovate in semiconductor manufacturing and research.

NIST delivers draft AI guidance, generative AI pilot program

Pursuant to the White House's sweeping October AI executive order, the National Institute of Standards and Technology unveiled four draft documents and a pilot program to guide AI innovation and testing.

NIST adds 5 new members to its AI Safety Institute

The new members will focus on AI objectives related to national security, standards development and more.

NIST’s new AI safety institute to focus on synthetic content, international outreach

Inaugural U.S. AI Safety Institute Director Elizabeth Kelly said she aims for the new NIST initiative to become the “leading safety institute in the world.”

NIST taps Kevin Stine to lead its IT lab

The Information Technology Laboratory has been at the heart of many of NIST’s landmark technology publications.

NIST debuts the finalized update to its Cybersecurity Framework

The streamlined blueprint has already gotten positive feedback from private sector organizations.

NIST inks partnership to put safety at the intersection of AI and genetic research

A new partnership between NIST and the Engineering Biology Research Consortium looks to secure biotechnologies from being exploited by powerful AI systems.

NIST calls for quantum tech experts to join advisory group

As global agencies are preparing to set standards in quantum technology, NIST is working on forming a U.S. delegation to represent American perspectives.

Commerce announces AI safety consortium

The new stakeholder group, based at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, will help drive AI safety standards.

Lawmakers seek to probe AI’s environmental impacts

A new bill would bring together the EPA and NIST to help Congress understand how AI is negatively or positively impacting the environment.

USAID wants help in crafting a playbook for global AI uses

The federal government’s latest artificial intelligence guidance is looking to take recommendations from earlier risk management documents.

Can NIST get it all done?

The small technology agency has a big share of the responsibility for executing on the Biden administration's executive order on artificial intelligence.

House lawmakers introduce AI risk management bill

The measure is a companion to a Senate bill offered last year

Lawmakers request extra $10M for NIST AI research

Four senators sent a letter to leadership on the Senate Appropriations Committee encouraging more funding for NIST’s efforts to standardize and test AI-centric technologies.

How hackers can 'poison' AI

A new paper from NIST offers a standard taxonomy of cyber attacks dedicated to contaminating the data AI models use to learn.

US and EU look for common ground on digital identity

The National Institute of Standards and Technology wants feedback on the EU-US Trade and Technology Council’s early attempt at mapping digital identity frameworks between the two entities.