Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Contractor Vaccine Mandate in Three States 

“This is not a case about whether vaccines are effective. They are,” wrote the judge. 

Space Force Has a Plan for Training Its Troops. Now It Must Figure Out What They Need to Learn

The newest service can’t train the same way its sisters do. It needs a new simulated environment.

Biden Selects Former Air Force Executive to Lead Pentagon Acquisitions

The latest nomination for DOD’s undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment comes almost a year into the role’s vacancy.

Report: U.S. Workforce Falling Behind Competitors in Digital Skills

Experts advocate better school curriculums and tax breaks for reskilling existing workforces.

Biden Administration Delays Vaccine Mandate Penalties Until 2022

OMB and OPM officials said agencies should extend the counseling portion of enforcement of President Biden’s vaccine mandate through the end of the year, citing recent progress in the federal workforce’s vaccination rate.

Getting Ready for the Next Budget Showdown

As in some years past, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding a potential government shutdown.

Report Highlights 3 Ways to Successfully Reskill Employees

The report looked at tech training case studies to investigate the most critical elements in digitally transforming federal workplaces.

Work From Home Works Until You Need Time Off

How do we “take a day to stay home” when we’re already doing everything from home?

GAO: Cultivating a Data-Centric Culture Can Help Recruit, Retain a Digitally-Savvy Workforce

A survey chronicles the steps federal agencies need to take to improve their workforce to be equipped for technological modernization.

The State of the Federal Tech Workforce

Agencies have struggled to hire IT and cyber professionals but some are finding alternative ways to fill the talent gap.

Nine in 10 NASA Employees Are Vaccinated, But More Than 1,100 Are Seeking Exemptions

Unvaccinated employees say they're at their "dream jobs," but feel strongly enough to "upend" their lives.

Team Links Sitting During COVID to Depression Symptoms

A lot of people suddenly became more sedentary during the onset of the pandemic.

Army Recruiters on TikTok Dance Around Ban To Reach Gen Z

As threat worries subside, one sergeant has nearly half a million followers on the China-based app—and the Army wants her advice.

Biden’s Management Agenda Highlights Need for High-Tech Federal Workforce

To deliver better citizen services, the government will need a skilled workforce and the technology to support it, management officials said.

The (Long) Waiting Game to Get My Student Loans Forgiven

The student loan forgiveness process for public servants is a disaster. After almost five years, I’m still waiting to have all my loans forgiven.