Democratic Senators Introduce Bill to Include Feds in Coronavirus Response Decisions

A task force of administration and union officials would make recommendations for how agencies should protect workers during the pandemic.

GSA Launches IT Acquisition Training Portal For Procurement Officers and Program Managers

The on-demand video courses offer continuous learning points, and many are open to the public.

Expanded Telework Could Save Individual Feds $2.5K-$4K Annually

Lessons from the pandemic have big implications for federal offices and employees, lawmakers and experts say.

Survey: Tech Employees Less Comfortable Negotiating Salary in COVID-19 Era

Fewer employees at large tech companies are talking salary with their managers during the pandemic.

The End of Open-Plan Everything

Personal space is finally back in style, but re-creating it after two decades of its destruction is hardly a straightforward task.

Critical Update: Reinventing the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Technology is important but keeping and developing talent will be crucial, NGA Director Vice Adm. Robert Sharp says.

Moms, Not Dads, Lose Time to Work During Pandemic

The pandemic has worsened the gender gap among dual-earner parents. Moms have less time to work, but dads tend to clock a full 40-hour week.

America’s Inescapable Offices

Workers who have already returned to their cubicle report days full of anxiety, masks, and sanitation shaming.

Pentagon’s Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative Presents an Ambitious Model for the Future of Software

The Air Force’s chief software officer provided insights into the operation of Platform One, a project at the beginning of what could be a profound transformation for cybersecurity.

The Pandemic Is Changing Work Friendships

Co-workers had little choice but to bond when they spent 40 hours a week together. But if widespread remote work sticks around, those relationships will never be the same.

Leading the Intelligence Community After 2020’s Upheavals

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe should consider new approaches to four vital functions that support the IC’s core missions.

Security Clearance Reformers Tout Progress Amid COVID-19

The pandemic pushed adjudicators to conduct more virtual interviews, though that progress might be undone when the crisis passes.

House Lawmakers Call for Pay Parity Between Military and Civilian Federal Workers

Although the House version of a defense policy bill includes a 3% pay increase for members of the military in 2021, an appropriations bill under consideration effectively endorses only a 1% raise for civilians.

Coronavirus ‘Shattered the Myth’ that the Defense Workforce Can’t Telework, Official Says

Two Defense Department officials discussed lessons learned from the pandemic with an eye toward a post-coronavirus environment.

Key Lawmaker Alarmed at Increase in COVID-19 Among DHS Employees

The Secret Service alone has seen a 1,000% increase in positive COVID-19 cases, according to the House Committee on Homeland Security.