CDC Seeks Digital Health App for Its Employees

The mobile application should provide meditation and mindfulness activities to help employees manage stress.

Defense Unveils New Cyber Workforce Strategy

The strategy is focusing on four human capital pillars with six initiatives to build a robust workforce ready for current and future threats.

Biden Reportedly Will Propose a 5.2% Pay Raise for Feds in 2024

This would mark the largest boost federal employees have seen since the Carter administration, but still falls short of union and Democrats’ demands.

Remote Work is 'Good For The Workplace and The Hunt For Talent''s Stacie Haller joins the podcast to discuss a new survey about return-to-office policies.

Does Chronic Stress Cut Neurosteroids, Causing Depression?

New research with mice indicates how chronic stress affects steroids in the brain.

Skills Gaps Within OPM’s Own Workforce Could Make It Less Able to Help Others

The government’s human resources agency has outlined an ambitious agenda to make sure agencies are fully staffed, with the people who have the skills necessary for their jobs.

Energy Looks for Additional Ways to Prepare the Future Quantum Workforce

The Department of Energy has asked higher education to weigh in on how the agency can help prepare students to work in quantum information science.

America’s Scientific and Tech Leadership Hinges on Funding, Personnel

A House hearing examined the needs of the U.S.’s scientific assets amidst tensions with China and the development of a National Science and Technology Strategy.

Cutting Civilian Defense Jobs Won't Eliminate the Real Waste at the Pentagon, Union Says

If lawmakers want to find savings at the Pentagon, they should start with underperforming weapons systems and service contracts, AFGE officials said.

Commerce Head Says U.S. Must Double Semiconductor Workforce in Next Decade

The Commerce Secretary hopes to help meet American leadership, innovation, national security and economic goals.

Federal Scientists Are Feeling More Empowered Under Biden, Though Censorship Remains a Concern

Employees "painted harrowing pictures" of their time under Trump, but in a new survey said things are mostly getting better.

What are the Pros and Cons of Digital Workers?

Digital employees offer companies advantages, but there are also drawbacks.

OPM’s Event to Attract Laid Off Tech Workers Was Popular, But Will It Yield Results?

Despite widespread interest in a recent recruitment event, clear data on the number of hires remains unavailable to assess the immediate success of such career fairs to fill currently available roles.

OPM Launches a New Web Portal for Federal Internships

The federal government’s HR agency describes the new section of USAJOBS as a “one-stop shop” for students seeking to explore a career in public service.

FTC Launches New Office of Technology for ‘In-House Skills’

The launch of the Federal Trade Commission’s tech-focused office comes as federal regulators have ramped up investigations into the practices of large technology companies.

DOD Unveils Updates to its Cyber Workforce Job Qualifications

Defense’s updated plan focuses on role-specific requirements and comes as the agency’s cyber workforce strategy is slated for imminent release.

Commerce Seeks 6 Private Sector Members for New International Task Force

The U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council’s Talent for Growth Task Force will help create a well-trained workforce for current and emerging technologies.