Online Data Could be Used Against People Seeking Abortions if Roe v. Wade Falls

Women in states where abortion becomes illegal who rely on the internet for information, products and services related to reproductive health would be subject to online policing.

Remote Work May Actually Be Good for Business

Working remotely doesn't negatively affect productivity. It may actually even enhance both employee and company resiliency, a new study finds.

Justice, EEOC Release Guide To Prevent AI Discrimination

A new document builds on burgeoning EEOC regulations to prevent biases in AI technology in the workplace.

As Turnover Soars, Most VA Employees Say They Were Not Emotionally Supported During the Pandemic

Front-line staff were largely unaware of VA's offerings to support employee well-being, new survey finds.

6 in 10 Americans Would Quit Current Job for Remote Position

Work-life balance is increasingly important for today’s post-pandemic workforce.

Three Ways the Future of Work Must Change for Federal Employees

Federal officials and industry experts offered insights on what federal workplaces of the future need to look like.

More Than 60 Democratic Lawmakers Want a 5.1% Raise for Feds

The lawmakers asked the leadership of the House Appropriations Committee to override President Biden’s plan to offer an average 4.6% raise for federal employees in 2023.

Federal Employees Are Growing Less Engaged and Less Satisfied With Their Jobs

Response rates for the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey also fell 10 points from 2020, amid an abbreviated fall survey period due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

OPM Unveils New Toolkit for Agencies to Hire Cyber Talent

A new resource hub from the Office of Personnel Management outlines what benefits agencies might be able to offer to fill cyber positions.

Developing Viable Quantum Tech Hinges On Hardware, Workforce

Officials at the Department of Energy said that in addition to continued research and development, a basic foundation is needed to make quantum technologies mainstream.

Why Daylight Saving Time Is Unhealthy – a Neurologist Explains

By altering the body’s internal clock, ‘springing forward’ may contribute to an increase in heart attacks and strokes.

Study: More Than Half of Women Say Their Gender is Limiting Their Tech Careers

The study suggests one of the biggest barriers for women in tech is a lack of promotion opportunities.

Survey: 58% of Working Americans Say Their Jobs Are ‘Main Source’ of Mental Health Challenges

Nearly 90% of Americans believe being in control of their work schedules, along with performance measures, could improve burnout.

Senate Democrats Introduce Bill To Retain Foreign STEM Talent

A companion bill aims to help immigrant STEM students stay and work in the U.S. to improve the nation’s standing in advanced technological fields.

How Improving Customer Experience Can Help the Employee Experience

Federal employees can better help the people they serve—and see the full impact of that help—when customer experience is prioritized.